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March 2017


I believe that God is giving us dreams and visions in our sleep, but more importantly is healing us whilst we sleep. I think that the Holy Spirit actively heals our emotions and our thought processes as we sleep.

That is why the enemy comes to disrupt and destroy our sleep. Not being able to sleep soundly at night is a weapon of the enemy to stop the Holy Spirit working in our mind and emotions and it comes against the healing power of Christ alive in our bodies.

So today, agree with me that from this moment on that sleep will be a rejuvenation of all Christ accomplished at the cross.

Do not accept sleeplessness or sleepless nights as normal, or just part of life. They are a weapon of the enemy and this weapon has been defeated at the cross and you are guaranteed good, sleep filled nights in Christ.

Go to bed at night expecting a good nights sleep and the Holy Spirit to work in you, healing and setting you free.

God wants you restored and whole in Christ.

This word below posted on facebook by Lana Vawser is very significant and important to get a grip of.


I had a dream a few weeks ago and the Lord spoke to me that sleep is KEY right now! Since that dream I have seen sensing the Lord is doing a deep work in the hearts, souls and minds of His people as they sleep. He is reaching the deepest depths of hearts and souls with His love and bringing deep refreshing, healing and restoration. Many deep roots that have plagued, tormented and caused God’s people pain and anguish will be removed by His love as they go to bed at night and sleep!

I had a vision where I saw Jesus working on the minds of His people like a brain surgeon while they were sleeping. He was removing trauma, healing past memories, and the Word of God that had been stored into their hearts and used to renew their minds during the day, I saw the Lord breathing upon as they slept and it brought freedom, clarity and mental ease and peace, rather than torment. Many were going to bed one night sick, waking up the next morning – HEALED! MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING IN THE NIGHT!!!!

As the Lord was doing the deep works in the depths of His people as they slept, I saw chains breaking through the night. When they awoke in the morning, they felt so free, such joy, a great shift had taken place that filled them with the sense that “something changed overnight”.

This is the season where things are LITERALLY CHANGING OVERNIGHT! Things you have been contending for and contending for to see them shift and break open, will be released OVERNIGHT! God is releasing OVERNIGHT MIRACLES!

Everywhere I have been ministering lately, the Lord has had me call out sleep issues, insomnia, night terrors, sleep apnea… anything attacking the sleep of His people and God has been bringing healing and deliverance. The Lord is breaking the chains that have stolen sleep and in its place there is and will continue to be an increase of prophetic dreams.

Prophetic dreams are going to continue to increase in this season in ways we have never seen. The Lord is and will continue to heal, deliver, restore and renew His people in significant ways as they sleep. Things that have held His people for decades; will suddenly be broken.

God is doing more while you sleep than you realise. Clarity, insight, direction and breakthrough is being released especially through prophetic dreams.

I prophesy over you today that some HUGE breakthroughs are happening and will continue to manifest in your life AS YOU SLEEP! I decree all sleep issues and anything attacking your sleep is being broken off and healed in Jesus name. I declare over you that God is doing MORE in you and for you than you realise, while you sleep. I decree an INCREASE of prophetic dreams and awareness of what Jesus is doing in and for you while you sleep in Jesus name. I decree over you a season of OVERNIGHT MIRACLES in Jesus name!!!!

I encourage you, get an early night 

Impression – Chains

impression #14



The chains that held you back have been broken.

Today, this impression of chains broken, smashed and released kept coming back to me. I kept seeing links in chains open and clasps prized open, with links set free. Jesus has released you from all oppression and captivity at the cross. He defeated worry, fear, depression, sickness, illness and every form of brokenness. You have been set free, live in freedom, do not let the lies of captivity take root and grow in your mind. Weed out negativity; you have been set free in Christ. You have the risen Christ living inside your heart, live in the full power of Christ and take authority over every lie and thought that would cause you to worry, doubt or fear.

Impression – Courage

impression #13

Impression #13


Don’t let failure crush your courage.

Don’t let failure determine your desire and dictate your actions. Jesus Christ took all your failure to the cross and defeated it forever. You have been set free from past failures, so don’t go back and bind yourself with the chains of the past. You have been set free from the prison of failure, walk in the fullness of Christ that dwells in your heart. Jesus Christ has given you courage. Courage to see that the enemy is defeated, courage to walk in the victory of the cross.

 So today, walk in the courage of Christ.

Impression – Glisten


Glisten upon my cracked cheek

The love of God and the glorious wonder of Christ’s overflowing healing have been poured into your life. His mercy and glory in drops of love glisten upon every hurt that would invade your thoughts and emotions. Where the cares of the world and the worries of life have cracked your skin his grace has been poured out to heal all your wounds. His promise to you is to heal your wounds, set you free from hurt and let your life glisten with the glory and power of the risen Christ. Set the Holy Spirit  free in your life and set your mind on the power of the risen Christ.


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