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Key Holder to God’s Blessings.

You are the key holder to God’s blessing. You are awesome in Christ Jesus. God’s will is to keep you in the presence of God. You are awesome in God’s eyes. God is awakening you to the awesome power and majesty of God that lives in you. God is magnificent in you. God is with you. God has planted you into the presence of God. God abides in you so you now abide in him. God’s desire is to stay and overwhelm you. In every situation and moment in Christ we can hear and listen to Jesus. For God is the very excitement of our hearts. He is the motivation of our lives. In everything we engage in His resurrection power works in and through us. God has released heaven into our hearts. Heaven has come to earth in us.

God’s Lighthouse.

God is concerned with what you are concerned about. In Christ the Holy Spirit has absolutely filled your house. He has changed the atmosphere in your life. He has brought healing to your house. God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are in unity and agreement in your life. Your heart is a light of hope to the world. God has set you free in Christ. You are a lighthouse of God’s grace, mercy and love. You are a lighthouse of the goodness of God. God has made you a safe harbour in the strorm, He has made you his safe refuge. In Christ you dwell in the Promised Land of God, you have entered into the inheritance that God had planned and has given you. You are not longer searching, In Christ you have arrived.

God’s Desire

In Christ God’s desire is that you seize and live in the blessings of heaven. He has blessed you and his delight is that you walk in them. God has poured his promises and blessing into you. Today he says take hold of every blessing and let it overflow in you. God’s astonishing grace is the freedom to enter into the fullness of Christ. Your future is secure in Christ. You are held and kept with the love of God. God is love, and He loves you with an everlasting love. His love in you is the overflowing grace to empower you to know and experience all the blessings of heaven. You are the delight of God.

God is Awesome

God is awesome. The revelation of Christ in you is the entry point to heaven. God’s desire is that you flourish and shine through and in him. God is faithful and he works in you to make you generous in everything you are and do. The currency of heaven is every promise of God. Every resource of heaven has been given to you in Christ so you can walk in and flourish in every promise of God . For every promise of God is yes and amen in Christ Jesus. God is not withholding anything from you. He is the answer to every question. He has revealed his plans and purposes through Christ and Christ lives in you. You are now planted and rooted into the plans and purposes of God. In Christ you are centered into the eternal purposes of God.

God is renewing your mind .

God is renewing your mind so that you can see, hear, think and speak new creation life. God will keep you and he will never leave you. He will accomplish all good things in your life. God is with you because you are in Christ and all of heaven is attracted to Christ in you. God by his resurrection power is working in you to bring you into the fullness of your new creation life. You and Christ are inseparable. You are never alone in Christ. He is working in you to draw you closer, deeper, stronger and to establish your heart in Christ alive in you. He is the power of heaven guiding you into the truth of who you are now in Christ. He is your mirror of intimate beauty as you see yourself in Christ.

Seated in Heavenly Places.

In Christ you are rooted and grounded in love. The truth says that you are now complete in Christ. God reveals to us who we are now in Christ. God’s is relentlessly loving, he is relentlessly joyful and he is relentlessly peaceful. Jesus’s love that lights up heaven is now alive in you here on earth. God has taken heaven’s majesty and set up his throne in our hearts. Heaven has now invaded your heart. You are his vessel of delight on the earth. Everything that is true about Christ is now true about you. In every situation and circumstance you are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

God is the Answer.

God is the answer to every impossible situation. He wants to make a way through every circumstance. He is the foundation of heaven alive in you. His desire is that we live above the circumstances and we are elevated to know the height, depth, width and breadth of His love. His life is total newness and freshness of the victory Christ in us. God wants us to know and experience what it is to live in Heaven’s realm. He desires the amazing joy and happiness of heaven to burst out of our hearts and that we would live in a constant realisation of the joy of God in our hearts.

The Power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is taking all the things that are alive in Jesus and is making them known to us. His Spirit is rest to our soul. We are united into rest. We are a magnet to the blessing of God. For heaven is attracted to Christ in us. God is full of abundance and rich in grace to us. Grace is the empowering life of God alive in us. Grace sees Christ alive and working in me. In Christ we have the empowering presence of God. We have the power of God in us to overcome every dark and negative thought. We have the presence of the Holy Spirit to overcome every miserable word spoken to us. His light is the illuminated power in our lives.

Magnificent God.

There is no situation where God is more magnificent that we could hope or imagine. And this magnificent God lives inside us. God is faithful to bring us to realise that his glory is found in his promise to us. God wants to encounter us with a promise. For all God’s promises are YES and AMEN to us In Christ and Christ lives in us. Jesus life in us is the Kingdom of God. His freedom alive in us. His grace empowering us. His love embracing us. His joy strengthening us. His peace establishing us. His faithfulness keeping us. His kindness guiding us.

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