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God’s Whisper -Be Totally Persuaded.

For Someone today

Today be totally persuaded and convinced that in Christ you are totally and utterly and eternally:


Awaken your mind, your thoughts and your emotions to the reality of these truths in your life.

Freedom is knowing and releasing your heart and soul and mind into the total and utter truth of all Christ is and has planted in your heart.

For the Kingdom of God is the total awareness of all we are in our hearts in our life in Christ.

Today live in the total awareness of all you are in him.

And let the peace of God reign in your heart as you acknowledge and become aware of all he has placed and planted into your heart.


God’s Whisper- He Never Withdraws From A Promise.

For someone today

God never withdraws from a promise.

What God has promised he is committed to perform.

For Christ came to change your mind about God. Not to change God’s heart about you. You are the prize he came to claim, the treasure he came to open, the banquet he came to set before his enemies.

So today apply the finished work of Christ to every aspect of your life.

Take every promise he has given you and declare them YES and AMEN in Christ.

Expect to see God perform them in you and through you. Let the power and glory of the Resurrection work in you.

God never withdraws from a promise.

The Holy Spirit Lives In You

The Holy Spirit lives inside your New Creation life in Christ. The power that created the universe lives inside your heart. The divine word that created the cosmos is the life inside you. And you now have the mind of Christ. Everything that was hidden is now discovered in Christ. Everything that was a mystery has now been revealed in Christ. Your heart has been birthed by and into the faith of Christ. And as Christ is so now are you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and radiate through your heart and into your mind transforming your thoughts.

Jesus Christ is the Answer.

Jesus Christ is the answer. The cross was the place where the answer broke into time and space. His death freed you from all fear, depression and stress. He dealt with every emotional and mental oppression defeating them, once and forever.  Let the power of his finished work captivate your heart and be aware of his peace and rest inside your spirit. Your health in body and soul is restored in the green pastures of your spirit, resting in him.

Precious, Significant and Valuable.

The Holy Spirit alive inside you is constantly telling you that you are precious, significant and valuable. That you are a Child of the Almighty God, an heir of God and a co-heir with Christ.  Nothing now separates you from the love of Christ.  God’s wants you to enjoy his abundant life, which means you are full of health, wholeness and peace. Let the power of the Holy Spirit work in you and through you, in every situation you face. You are united into Christ. As Christ is so now are you.

A Journey of Love.

We are all on a journey of love into the heart of God to discover who we already are.

This journey is alien to us, it is a complete contradiction to all the world teaches us.

It is a journey to trust the promises of God.

It is a journey of realisation that we have died with Christ and have been raised with him into his resurrected life.

It is a journey into the realisation that we are now sons and daughters of God.

And this journey is a journey in the decisions of our heart, in those little acts of love and kindness that we find our true identity.

For the faith of Christ is the faith in our hearts, the peace of God is the peace in our hearts and the trust the father has in Christ is the trust God has in you.

He holds you, let yourself be held.

God is a Furnace of Passion.

God is a furnace of passion, a consuming fire of delight and a deep well of desire.  With a heart drenched in infinite love he sent his Son to earth. This momentous act was purposed and planned in His devotion to us. Birthed and consumed in His passion. For Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counsellor, Almighty God revealed to man. For it is the passion of God, shown to us in Christ, that holds us, keeps us and loves us with His everlasting goodness.

Finished At The Cross.

Your forgiveness was finished at the cross. Jesus Christ was crushed for all your sins, you were forgiven once and for all, by his once and for all sacrifice. And this salvation that was purchased at the cross, includes your healing. The cross was a completed work of wholeness and restoration. God in Christ has already healed you of all your diseases, afflictions and pains at the cross. Just believe that he has accomplished it all for you and receive it in your soul and body. Renew your mind to the truth of all Christ has provided for you by grace and let it overflow in your life.

Jesus Heaven Alive On Earth.

Jesus Christ was the glory of God revealed to us, he was heaven alive on earth. No one that came to him was rejected, cast away, or abandoned. If ever you wanted to know what God thinks of sickness and healing just take a look at Jesus. He received all those that came to him sick and sent them away healed. The blind, lame, mute, deaf and mentally oppressed were all healed. He was willing to heal everyone and by his death on the cross he provided the healing for every generation. Your healing has been provided in Jesus Christ, believe his finished work and receive his power in your soul and body today.

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