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Your Name In Christ.

Your name in Christ is pulsating and alive and within your name is wrapped all the treasure of heaven. Inside your heart flows rivers of life and out of your spirit grows the tree of life. You are planted into Christ and his fruit in you empowers you to set prisoners free, heal the brokenhearted and declare the favour God. The spirit of God, made alive in Christ is complete inside you. God created you for his glory, your body is alive and the electricity of heaven flows in your veins.

Fill Your Mind.

Fill your mind with consciousness of heaven, let your thoughts be saturated with the unconditional love of God. His declaration over you is one of goodness, hope, love and peace. The anointing oil of God has permeated your spirit and you are surrounded and encased with the promise and assurance of “No condemnation! ” God has promised to meet all your needs according to His riches given and deposited in you. In Christ you are a living, breathing, moving temple of power and love, shining with the glory of God.

Christ is Everything You Need.

Don’t let the past dictate your future. In Christ you have everything you need to flourish in his godliness, because Christ in you is everything you need. Today, you have a constant, unbroken fellowship with God. The real experience of our spirits is the intimate, personal, deep, abiding presence of Christ. His faith in us brings his fullness into our experience, we have received the full package and he has given us his life, power, grace and love, alive in the glory of God that radiates in our heart.


Let the Holy Spirit work through you today. Don’t be held captive by your mind, your ability and your emotions. You are a majestic part of God’s unlimited plan, you have been placed into the purposes of God. Before time, before creation, you were chosen to be a child of God , adopted into Christ. His life now flows through you. You are held by God, loved from his heart of affection and set apart for his glory.


Joy is the yes inside our heart, the yes that starts our spirit singing. Let the song of heaven rise up inside and sing out the Holy Spirit’s song of hope, love and goodness. Every note the Holy Spirit sings is a beautiful affirmation of God’s love alive within your heart. In Christ every task, every mundane chore becomes a poem of adoration that sets our heart dancing with the wonder of his outrageous grace. For his life is the overflowing fountain of glory that immerses every day.

Live Free.

In Christ you have the freedom to live the impossible, dream the incredible and experience the magnificence. You can do all things, because Christ lives in you. You are secure in Christ. You are safe in Christ. You have been birthed into the family of God. In Christ you been given an eternal inheritance and you can receive it and live in it, now. God has given his seal of approval on your life, you have permission to live free.

Christ Absorb Your Mind .

Let the finished work of Christ absorb your mind. Let the words of Christ captivate your thoughts and ignite passion in your heart. Let your words be full of the creative power of heaven, full of the righteousness of Christ, full of the healing power of the Holy Spirit. You have the divine nature alive inside you.

Adored By God

You are loved, accepted, valued, approved and adored by God who declares the truth of Christ over every area of your life. The newness of eternal life has liberated your mind and emotions as the life of Christ inside you pours God’s love over your heart in a constant flood of affection and commitment. Their are NO barriers in Christ, there is nothing that God is withholding from you. You are always in the presence of God.

God said it, I Believe it.

God said it, I believe it and that settles it. God has placed His trust in you, He trusts you. He has promised to you that you will flourish in all good things. You belong in the unconditional love of God. When you stand up or when you sit down God designed you to live out His life through you. You carry the imprint of God’s goodness on your heart. Step out of all restraints the world would put on you and fly free in the purposes of God.

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