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You Are New

You are wonderfully loved by God. In Christ you are not fixed, you are not repaired, you are now a new creation in Christ. God looks at you and now sees you in Christ. You have received new life in Christ. You are alive to Christ and his expectation of you is outrageous. You have a future and a hope in Christ. Christ in you is the transformating power of God to radiate his glory in you. For in Christ nothing is impossible for God.

For Someone Today – You Are God’s Treasure.

For someone today

“You are my treasured jewel formed in my heart.”

God says, “You are my treasure. My jewel of a great price. You are loved beyond measure. You are my own. ”

“I cannot let you go, I will never give you up. I am jealously guarding you and protecting you. I am holding you and I am your lover and you are my delight. I have married myself to you and I have given myself to you in a covenant of my love, blessing and grace. You are mine forever.”

“Know today right down in the depths of your heart and mind that I am totally committed to you and I am there for you every second of the day. For you are my treasure. No weapon that comes against you has the power to overwhelm you. Don’t allow lies and condemnation to take root in your mind and emotions. For I have delivered you and set you free. Align your thoughts and feelings with the truth of my love and grace.”

“Today know that you are God’s treasured jewel formed in his heart. He loves you with an everlasting love and you are the most precious love of his desire. He will never let you go.”

I Am

I am complete in him
I am sanctified
I am forever free from sin’s power
I am loved eternally
I am saved eternally
I am eternally kept in the palm of his hand
I am kept from falling
I am kept by the power of God
I am not condemned
I am one with Christ
I am quickened by his mighty power
I am seated in heavenly places
I am the head and not the tail
I am light in the darkness
I am a candle in a dark place
I am a city set on a hill
I am the salt of the earth
I am his sheep
I am a citizen of heaven
I am hidden with Christ in God
I am kept by the power of God
I am secure in Christ
I am set on a rock
I am more than a conqueror
I am born again
I am a victor
I am healed by his stripes
I am covered by the blood of Jesus
I am sheltered under his wing
I am hidden in the secret place of the Almighty


God has put Christ into you and now you are secure in Christ. You have received the very love of God. There is no escape from the loving kindness of God. The Passion of God has created new life in you. You are new in Christ. You are fresh in Christ. You are free in Christ. Every day you are filled with the freshness of God. The grace of God overflows to you and is always fresh to you. It refreshes you, it revitalises you and regenerates you. For God is for you and he wants you to constantly know, expect and experience the goodness and kindness of his love.

God Wants To Elevate Your Life.

God wants to elevate your life in Christ. The Holy Spirit wants to make himself more real in your life. He was to elevate you to greater realms of his glory. Christ wants to be more real to you in every day life. He wants to unpack his grace in your life. For no matter what situations come your way, his grace is overflowing and his love is overwhelming. God’s love is constantly being poured into your heart. God’s love is his passionate embrace keeping you safe and secure and nothing can separate you from God’s love.

God Desires to Overflow.

God desires to overflow with goodness and kindness to us. He is NOT satisfied with just supplying our needs, he delights in pouring the riches of heaven into our lives through the grace of God. His peace is effortless, his love is limitless, his joy is infinite, his kindness is unfathomable and his grace is overflowing. He has connected our hearts to the throne room of heaven. We are always in the presence of God.

Always in the Presence of God.

The presence of God is the promise given to us in Christ. When we are unclear of what to do, not knowing what to say, or unclear of the next step, we can trust with full assurance that God is working in us and through us so we can flourish in all good things. We are never without hope and we are always kept by his grace. He abides in us. He has given us all good things in Christ. The Holy Spirit is making God’s plans work inside of us. He is filling us with the extraordinary power of heaven. In Christ we are always in the presence of God.

God’s Arms Are Big and Strong.

God arms are so big and strong to keep us and hold us through every circumstance. His arms embrace us into the eternal peace of God. His peace is the intimate presence of God in our hearts. Christ is the answer, he is the solution. He is the exact reflection of God in our lives. Christ has supplied us with every supply we need to every situation we face. He can be trusted. He is our rock of strength in the storms of life. He is in us, he is with us, he knows us and he loves us without conditions.

Open The Doors Of The Heart.

Open up the doors of your heart and don’t be frightened of what others might steal.

Today stand aside and let God take over.

What God has placed inside your heart give away. Give away what you have been given. Don’t hold on to grace but give it away. For as you give away the grace of God he will replenish it and fill it up.

God delights in overflowing grace, in extravagant love, in scandalous desire and oceans of hope.

Don’t be afraid to open up and give away.

Give away his grace and let God replenish.

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