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God is Light

God is Light..and that means there is no darkness in Him at all! There are no ulterior motives, no hidden self-centered agenda, no ‘using’ us for His own ends. There is no harsh side of God, no ‘dark side’ of Him; He is ONLY and EVER pure light! To me that speaks of purity of His essence, so pure love, pure goodness, pure truth, with no shadows. He is the Light that dispels all the darkness of lies and delusions of the enemy, showing that they are actually NOTHING, having no substance at all! He is so good to know and His light doesn’t expose us or shame us; rather, it enlightens us and shows us own own beauty and purity, since we are made in His image! Thus, we also are light beings, without dark shadows in us. That tells me I don’t have to worry that I am ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ at the core. At my core is His Spirit of pure light, and that describes me as well!


Faith the Currency of Heaven


Your ‘Yes’ to everything God has provided by grace opens the treasure vaults of heaven.

The door to the chamber of his provision has been permanently opened and you have an eternal invitation to dwell in the overflowing pastures of his goodness.

For God is good and he is good all the time and his whole nature and his whole being is focused on constantly blessing you without you earning or deserving it.

God’s desire is to shower you with healing, blessings, love, compassion and kindness because you are his delight and he delights in giving his children all good things.

A Wellspring of Peace

You have a wellspring of peace overflowing from your heart.

Christ the Prince of Peace has taken up residence inside your innermost being and his tranquillity and his quietness are now the rock of your heart.

Everything that would come against you, every storm that would try to batter you, every fear that would try to assail you, has been defeated at the cross and your spirit has the perfect, wholeness of the resurrected Christ reigning in glory and power.

Don’t let the cares of the world or the fear of man rob you of the grace of God.

Love has triumphed over darkness, you have a river of peace flowing in your life.

Reservoir of Goodness

God is a vast reservoir of goodness and kindness, an oasis of tolerance and patience.

His fullness has been birthed into your spirit, His life is the very beat of your heart. With every breath you draw his life flows through your soul into every cell of your body. Open yourself up to the reality of your union with Christ, realise your intimate connection with the divine. His nature is now your nature, His presence is your well of living water. When you fall down, when you mess up, don’t look at your performance, your actions instead look to his perfect love and commitment to you.

You have infinite value to God and you are eternally accepted and loved in Christ

Connected to Heaven

You are connected to heaven, the divine nature is alive inside you.

The overflow of the spirit is the worship of your heart. The love and grace of God is abundantly flourishing for you to touch and encourage those around you.

Everyone who touches you, meets with the divine power overflowing from your heart. Don’t limit God’s power inside you, acknowledge all the treasure deposited within your life.

You are living, walking vibrant lightning conductor of the glory of God.

Worship of Your Heart

You have your own unique rhythm with God. There is no one else designed like you, no one has ever been created that touches the heart of God in the way you do.

The worship that delights God is the worship that radiates from your heart. Every promise that is believed, every strand of grace that is cherished, every bond of trust that is held by you illuminates creation and dispels the darkness.

The true worship that God desires is you releasing the overflowing spirit through your life and declaring the words of the father’s love in all you do and say.

Let the delight of God be the satisfaction of your heart.

Planned and Purposed

Planned and Purposed

The grace is God is so vast, so boundless, and so limitless it goes beyond time, distance and consumes every boundary.

Creation is a small part of the manifestation of the goodness of God. Before time existed, before the first particle of matter was formed, God planned and purposed your life to be one with him. The universe was created in love and made for you to enjoy the glory of the creator. God wanted to declare his goodness and his righteousness through your life.

In Christ you have entered into the divine purposes of God, you are now part of the creator and everything that God planned and purposed has now been placed inside your heart.

Allow God

Allow God to make the first move. Allow him to flow into every circumstance of your life.

You were designed for dependence, created for relationship, and God’s desire is for him to light your path and direct your steps.

Resist the desire to take over, to try to reach him, to try to make him move.

He is alive inside you; just lose yourself in his love and make yourself available to hear his voice and follow his leading.

Listen for his words and when he speaks respond to his embrace.

God Loved You

“Before the dawn breezes blow and the night shadows flee, I will hurry to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of frankincense.” Song of songs 4:6

Before the foundations of the world and before the beginning of time, God loved you.

Before planets were thrown into space, he decided to come for you. He came and journeyed with us into a world of dirt and flesh to capture our hearts. He came because we are the joy of his heart.

He came for us so that he could take us and adopt into his family. For adoption is the true heart of predestination.

For it is the love of God that takes the initiative. And there is nothing you need to do to get his love because God’s love for you is not based on anything that you have done, but on who you are.

God’s love is eternal. It does not have a beginning and it does not come to an end. It existed before time and was poured out in time and was sacrificed at a specific moment in time.

Calvary the hill of frankincense was the moment when God’s love kissed our dirt.

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