It is good to declare the truth of who God is, what Christ has won for us and who we now are in Christ.

For your encouragement I have set out some powerful truth’s that you may want to declare,  meditate on or just think about.

I hope these encourage you, as much as they encourage me: –


I am the delight of God’s heart.

I will let Christ’s delight in me shape my way today and I will trust in his goodness to lead me into the fulfilling destiny he has planned for me

He is proud of me, he fights for me, he is my protection and he is fiercely guarding me

I have nothing to fear, no weapon that comes against me will succeed.

Christ in me is the victory of the cross.

Christ is my defender, my deliverer, my stronghold, the power within my heart.

I am his treasure, his undiluted delight.

God has placed the nature of Christ into my spirit; my heart is full of the fullness of Christ.

I have a sound mind, I think right thoughts, say right words, and make right decisions in every area I face.

I will not let the lies of the enemy, the deceitfulness of success; the cares of life or the manipulation of the world infiltrate my mind and rob me of my inheritance. .For Christ is always there, inside me, in the time of my need. I may feel weak, but I have his strength inside. He is faithful and will never let me down.

Today, I ditch the past. I am a new creation in Christ, my past died the moment I believed in Christ. Things, events, memories, experiences and people will try to remind me of who I once was, but my old nature died at the cross.

Christ’s death was my death, Christ’s resurrection was my resurrection, and Christ’s abundant eternal life is my abundant eternal life. My heart is now filled with all the promises and glory of Christ.

I was made to be loved by God and In Christ is where his love is fully realised.

I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

I declare favour, liberty, health and prosperity over every member of my family and I receive all the grace of God through Christ and all the blessings of God.

I expect that today will be the best day of my life spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and financially in Jesus name.