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December 2019

God Thoughts.

God has opened up the windows of heaven. You are engaged in your new life in Christ. God is calling you up to your new life. You are free in Christ. God believes in you. You can see like God sees and you can think like God thinks. God wants to flow out of you in everything you say and do and think and feel. He wants his delight to be your delight. He wants his thoughts of you to be your thoughts. He has given you the mind of Christ so you can know how God thinks of you. You can align you mind with His mind. You can now think God thoughts.

You Look Splendid.

God says you look splendid. His stunning life lives in you. God has moulded himself into you. He has given you the keys to life. His keys unlock all the riches of heaven. He has given you the favour of God. You are a New Creation in Christ. You are his splendid, shining light of beauty and love. He wants to take you into intimate adventures. Adventures into the depths of His desire and delight. The unfathomable God wants you to know and experience his majesty and magnificence in greater ways and passions. He wants his passion for you to be the delight of your heart. You were designed to live in a passionate adventure with God.

You Are My Beloved.

God calls you the beloved. He loves you with perfect love and perfect love casts out all fear. God has come to live inside you to show you how to live in perfect peace. His peace is the foundation of your heart in the storms of life. This peace is your weapon of victory over the lies of the enemy. God has established his throne in your heart. His Government is in your heart. He guides and directs you by the peace of God established in you. All God’s ways are faithful and true and they have been planted and rooted into you.

Embrace Christ.

Embrace the power and goodness of God. Embrace the inheritance of grace that has been given to you. Creativity flows in your heart and flows through your veins into everything you do. What God has planted in you is do is amazing, God’s goodness declares the victory of the cross and reveals the divine advantage given to you in Christ. Receive the kiss of Christ and let his loving embrace hold you in his everlasting arms of unconditional love. Your life is rooted in the favour of God. Every spiritual blessing has been decreed and given to you in Christ. All of Christ has been given to you for you to embrace. Has he has embraced you and called you his delight, receive his embrace and let his love fill you up.

Nothing is too Hard for God.

In Christ whatever we consider as impossible is not impossible. Nothing is too hard for God. God is magnificent in every situation. The favourable and confident expectation of God’s goodness has been planted into you. Christ now abides in you. You can expect good things and to flourish in all good things. Goodness and unfailing love live in you. You carry goodness and unfailing love wherever you go. You are a living encounter with God. Whatever situations come your way know that the glory of heaven lives in you. You are more than a Conqueror in Christ. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.

No Condemnation in Christ.

There is NO condemnation for you in Christ Jesus. He has placed his Holy Spirit in your heart and you have entered into the Kingdom of God. God desires to show forth his majesty in and through you. You have been made perfect in Christ and his glory resides in your heart. You are God’s treasure, you are his beloved. You are a New Creation in Christ. Your future is secure and radiates hope and flourishes in grace through you. You are a living stream of God’s overflowing grace and love. Don’t let negative words take root in your heart. Don’t let guilt and condemnation lie to you. You have been set free from all guilt and condemnation in Christ. Don’t let failures of the past define your future. You are the delight of God. You are free in Christ.

You Are God’s Dream.

God has a dream and that dream was you. You are the constant joy of God’s heart. Everything God is and has been planned for you is going to come to pass. God is faithful to all his promises. God has given you the favour of heaven. You are God’s promise alive on earth. God’s Kingdom is alive with delight and he delights in you. He pursues you with a heart full of overflowing delight. God is permanently delighted with you. You are the passion of God’s heart. God’s delight lives in you, you are God’s dream and God’s delight.

Let The Fire Spread.

Your life is rich with the love and grace of God. Nothing is too hard for you because God loves to do you good. He loves to see you whole. He loves to see you flourish. He is delighted with you. For you are in Christ’s and his inner light is shining like a beacon in you. You have the resurrection power of Christ in you. You are the beloved of God. All good things have been placed on the table before you and God invites you to come and feast on him. The fire of God is burning in you, His passion is to let the fire spread into every part and moment of your life.

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