Living Grace


December 2019

Crossed Over into Life.

In Christ you have crossed over from death into life. You have been re-born into the new life God always planned for you. You have been eternally connected into God. God’s new creation in you is his guarantee of his abiding love given to you. He has drawn you to him with his everlasting love and embraced you with his arms of grace. You are his joy. He endured all evil because He loved and desired you. His obedience is your reward. You receive his glory and now He shines in and through you.

All God’s Paths Lead to Delight.

All God’s paths lead to delight. All God’s paths take you to his heart of love. For all God’s paths will bring you into his heart of pleasure. All other paths promise happiness but end in emptiness. God’s promises are true and he has made them all YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus. He will never let you down. His promise to you is unspeakable joy and fulfilment. In Christ you have been elevated into the throne room of heaven, and that elevation is now inside your heart. God’s presence is now within you.

You Are A New Creation in Christ

You are a new creation in Christ you have been delivered from the Kingdom of darkness and you are in the Kingdom of light. You are the righteousness of God in Christ. You are righteous and Holy. You are much more than washed clean you are a new creation. The old nature died at the cross and you are new, righteous and perfect in Christ.

God loves you and God believes in you and God is trusting in you. God has faith in you. His fruit is working in your life to bring about a ripe harvest. Love, joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness, holiness, self control and hope are all working in you.

You Have Nothing To Fear.

In Christ you have nothing to fear, for his overwhelming love is the love song in your heart. His heart delights to hear your voice; Christ is captivated by your unique complexity. You are highly valued, he looked you out, searched for you, found you and held you never to be let go. You are his treasure, before the universe was created he dreamed of you, he planned all the things he could enjoy with you, he put into place all the adventures he would have with you and he called you his own. His life is eternally wrapped, entwined and united with yours, for you are the heart-beat of his desire.

God Rejoices In You

In Christ you have entered into the divine purpose of God. God rejoices in you, He rejoices over you with songs of laughter. He rejoices over you with extravagant joy, He is outrageously happy with you. His ravenous desire has been planted into you. You are his vessel of healing and restoration. Nothing is mundane and you are not ordinary. You are a child of God. You are a royal son or daughter of the King. Royalty is your heritage, Kingship is your destiny. You rule and reign in Christ. You are the melody of heaven.

Your New Song

You are filled with the joy of the Father. You are his stream of glorious sunshine and endless delight. In Christ you are destined to flourish in all good things. To flourish in a garden of infinite pleasure planted in your heart. Every second is a fresh moment to experience the pleasure of God. Every day a new song has been given to you to sing. A new song that has been written especially for you. A new song of God’s faithfulness and commitment to you.

The Colour of Heaven

The life of Christ in us is the abundant life of God to bring our mind, emotions and feelings into health, wholeness and prosperity. For the confident expectation of our heart is anchored in the promise that God will never leave us or forsake us and that by his stripes we are healed. The vibrant God lives in you. You are a vibrant rainbow of God’s promises and goodness. Out of your life comes shards of living colour. Christ in you puts colour back into a black and white world. You are the colour that the world desires. You are the colour of heaven.

Christ is Alive in You.

Today, anything is possible with the light of the new creation in Christ empowering your heart and energizing your inner core. In your union with Christ there is fulness of life living in you. Let his love, glory and light, radiate and burst out from the inside into power on the surface of your life. Everything you come in contact with now comes in contact with the Kingdom of God. God’s Kingdom now is enthroned in your heart. You are God’s ambassador of New Creation life. You don’t have to wait for Christ, you don’t have to anticipate or expect Christ. Christ lives in you. Christ and you are one. Christ is alive in you.


You have been released and set free in Christ. There are now no barriers to hold you back. Newness of life is now yours, Christ in you has liberated your mind and emotions to experience God in all his glory and fullness. The favour of God resides in you. Don’t think of yourself in earthly constraints but think of yourself as an open door of heaven’s glory. For Christ is eternal connection to the power of heaven. In all you say and do, do it by delighting in you connection with Christ.

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