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October 2019

The Dynamic of Heaven Alive in You.

The depth and power of Christ in you is the dynamic of heaven alive in your life. God specialises in unlocking the eternal potential that is deep within your heart. His ability is now your ability. His promises are now your promises. His resurrection power is now your resurrection power. He has put his perfect life into your life. You have become a shining light of the fulness of Christ. He has planted the life of God into you. You are now planted into the plans and purposes of God. You have been given a destiny to grow and flourish in all good things.

You Are A Holy Temple.

In Christ you are a holy temple of the Holy Spirit. Christ is revealing himself and all that you are in him, in every moment and experience of your life. Each day is a new adventure into the treasure of heaven. The sunshine of God’s love is making you ripe in Christ. God’s is revealing in his grace in you. His passion is to bless you and His delight is to make you flourish in all good things. God is totally accessible to you and the work he started in you He will finish. He is the inspiration in your heart. He is the light to your path. He is the flame of passion in all you say and do. He is the fire of revelation to guide and keep you.

God Hears You

You can be confident that God hears you and answers you, because he lives inside you. God has given you His green light for you to come directly into his presence. There are no red lights and stop signs with God. Not even pride, selfishness or poor decisions can stop the triumph of Christ being alive in you. In Christ you live in the victory of the cross. Christ never holds back. In Christ you are complete and all things are given to you. You are the passion of God’s heart .

God is Speaking to You

God is not hiding from you. He has found you. He delights to talk and be with you. He speaks persistently. He speaks personally. He speaks peace. He speaks words to strengthen you and he speaks words of life. He speaks his truth into your heart so his words echo with heaven’s authority to show you his love and commitment to you. You don’t have to seek to find God because in Christ Jesus He has found you. You are never alone. He is alive within you.

God Loves Being With You.

In him, through him and to him. You are connected and complete in Christ. Christ’s desire is to overwhelm your heart so that it explodes in worship to him. God loves your worship because he loves to be in constant communication with you. God loves it when we ask of him for he loves to hear our voice, connect with our desires and loves to be touched by our attention. God loves to be with you. He loves his connection with you and he loves the words of our lips given in worship to him. He loves being with you.

Overcoming Destiny.

In Christ you receive God’s love and you can give it back. You have been given the gift of God’s holiness. Righteousness is a gift given to you. You have received the love and goodness of God. Your life is a journey of thankfullness into the giving heart of God. The kindness, goodness and love of God is the joy that fills you heart. The delight of God is the grace that empowers your life to see you flourish in all good things. You have been given the faith of Christ. His faith is alive in you. In Christ you have a overcoming destiny.

God’s Initiative.

God has taken the initiative with you. Christ is in you and you are in God. Because you are in Christ all your circumstances are in Christ. All of heaven is attracted to Christ in you. You attract blessing because Christ is in you. You attract favour because Christ is in you. Christ is living in your house. You are a member of God’s family. Now you can stay forever in the presence of God.

Christ is Your Beginning and End.

Christ is your beginning and he is your end. His life in you is the power and strength for the journey. He is the eternal life inside you and therefore you know that In Christ you have a guarantee that you will succeed. Christ is your anchor of victory and your confidence of success. For He is totally and utterly committed to you. He does not count your failures and he does not remember your weaknesses. You never diminish in his eyes. For in Christ you are now Innocent, perfect and made whole forever.

The Grip of God.

You are held in the grip of God and his grip is inside you, inside your heart. You are so secure that it is beyond your imagination, beyond anything you could ask or think. When you feel weak, God’s grace makes you strong. When you doubt, God’s grace declares that you have overcome. When you are consumed by anxiety, God’s grace says you are loved, embraced and held. For God’s grace is constantly sufficent and always available, given freely without any strings attached. You are secure, kept and established in the overwhelming and overcoming grace of God in Christ Jesus.

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