Living Grace


May 2021

Grace Is…..

Grace is the freedom to run and enjoy life knowing that God has provided everything in Christ.
That I don’t have to ask or plead for anything that God has provided for me in grace.
For grace is Christ.
Grace is Christ alive in me.
Grace is Christ poured out for me.
Grace is Christ formed inside me.
Grace is:-
God’s healing alive inside me
God’s provision alive inside me
God’s abundance alive inside me
God’s delieverance alive inside me
God’s love alive inside me.
God’s joy alive inside me
God’s freedom alive inside me
God’s kindness alive inside me
God’s compassion alive inside me
God’s mercy alive inside me
It is his healing power, healing my body, soul and heart.
It is his release freeing me from the captivity of my mind, my emotions and the wounds of life.
It is his power in me from his resurrection life.
Grace is the riches of heaven poured into me.
And it is for freedom Christ has set me free.
Free to live and enjoy his unconditional love.
Free to live in his delight in me.

Your Real Identity

Today God wants you to know that “You were designed and created in the image of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

You were designed to be a reflection of the Trinity.

You were formed by the glory of God, in the glory of God to radiate throughout eternity the glory of God.

The love of God, which is out of time, entered time in you and took up residence in your jar of clay.

And just as the three in one draw their identity from each other, you were created to draw your identity from your creator. This identity is the real treasure your heart desires. And this identity is the value of your true worth.

To look for identity in anything else diminishes your value, to each other and to yourself.

Your value is a reflection of our heart’s treasure.

You are a child of your Father’s love and you are beautiful, a captivating image of your father’s love, and every time He looks at you it reminds him of the consuming passionate love that created you.

Above all else you are the climax, the pinnacle of creation and God sacrificed himself so you could run straight back into your Father’s arms.

Your real identity is found and established in the heart of the Father’s love.

In Christ

We have been made whole in Christ.
We are complete in Christ.
We are restored in Christ.
We are discovered in Christ.
We are held in Christ.
We are healed in Christ.
We are lifted up in Christ.
We are seated in heavenly places in Christ.
We have a new song in Christ.
We are dead to sin in Christ.
We have a radiant today in Christ.
We have a brilliant tomorrow in Christ.
We have can now flourish in Christ.
We are filled with joy in Christ.
We are full of love in Christ
We have a sound mind in Christ.
We are God’s treasure in Christ.
We have been given all good things in Christ.
We are restored in Christ.
We are fresh in Christ.
We have been planted into the eternal purposes of God in Christ.
We are the righteousness of God in Christ.
We are held in Christ.
We are delivered from all sickness and oppression in Christ.
We have been released in Christ.
We are a New Creation in Christ.
We are loved beyond our wildest imagination in Christ.
We are eternally secure in Christ.

Lense of Hope

Let your mind be full of the finished work of Christ. Let your thoughts be captivated by the beauty of His love. So whatever is true and just and pure and lovely and worthy of praise fill your mind. Look and see everything and everyone through the eyes of God’s unconditional love. Let Christ be your lense of hope and your telescope of goodness. In Christ you have a kaleidoscope of his grace, see the world through the eyes of Christ. Look through the Prism of Grace and receive all God has for you.

As Christ Is So Now Am I.

It was always God’s intention to have the same relationship with me that He has with Jesus. It was never God’s intention to rescue me from this world but to co-habit with me in Christ.

God’s intentional love was always to elevate me in the Kingdom. For God to fill me full of His presence. For God always predestined and planned for me to live, experience and flourish in the glory and life of God in Christ in me.

God planned intimacy with me in Christ. To know the majesty and love of God in intimate union with Christ. For the Holy Spirit to nourish me, nurture me and protect me. To know the depth and breadth and height and vastness of the love of God.

For me to experience the life of Christ in every moment and in everything I do. For God to work in and through me in the Holy Spirit.

To open up my life with the same life and relationship God has with Jesus. For as Christ is so now am I. Everything God thinks of Christ He now thinks of me.

God wants me to know him the same way Christ knows God. God wants me to live in the same closeness He has with Christ.

For I am now His son in Christ and I am now one with the risen Christ and as He is so now am I.

Keys of the Kingdom

In Christ you have been given the Keys of the Kingdom. Whatever you open will never be shut and whatever you shut stays shut. You are a vessel of His glory and He has come and found you and united his life into your life. Whatever you declare on earth has eternal consequences. Open those treasure chests of grace and live in the wonder and abundant reality of Christ’s eternal love and provision in your life. Look through the Prism of Grace and receive all God has for you.

Your Beginning, Your Now and Your Future.

Your beginning, your now and your future is in Christ. As a New Creation in Jesus you have died to your old ‘sin’ nature and now you are made New in Christ. The invitation is to come and receive all the blessings of God in your life. To make spiritual truth an earthly reality. To live out your new divine life in your earthly body. For everything Christ won at the cross is now yours. Christ’s fulness is now your fullness. Christ’s victory is now your victory. As He is so now are you. Today look through the Prism of Grace and receive all God has for you.

Good News

The light of the good news of the unconditional love of Christ is shining in your heart. You are alive in Christ and your old nature has died at the cross. You are free. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus for you are now born of light and you have been delivered from all darkness. The resurrection power of the Holy Spirit lives in you. You are a new creation in Christ, dead to sin and alive to righteousness. Today look through the Prism of Grace and receive all God has for you.

You Are Accepted

The whisper of Christ to you is that you are accepted. You are now one with Him. He has filled your heart with his thoughts and His grace has been planted into your mind. He is your fountain of exceeding love flowing over into all you touch and do. You now have the mind of Christ. Christ alive in you is now your true identity. Today look through the Prism of Grace and receive all God has for you.

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