It was always God’s intention to have the same relationship with me that He has with Jesus. It was never God’s intention to rescue me from this world but to co-habit with me in Christ.

God’s intentional love was always to elevate me in the Kingdom. For God to fill me full of His presence. For God always predestined and planned for me to live, experience and flourish in the glory and life of God in Christ in me.

God planned intimacy with me in Christ. To know the majesty and love of God in intimate union with Christ. For the Holy Spirit to nourish me, nurture me and protect me. To know the depth and breadth and height and vastness of the love of God.

For me to experience the life of Christ in every moment and in everything I do. For God to work in and through me in the Holy Spirit.

To open up my life with the same life and relationship God has with Jesus. For as Christ is so now am I. Everything God thinks of Christ He now thinks of me.

God wants me to know him the same way Christ knows God. God wants me to live in the same closeness He has with Christ.

For I am now His son in Christ and I am now one with the risen Christ and as He is so now am I.