Living Grace


July 2018

7 Steps

7 Steps……

1. Focus on the grace and love of Christ.

2. Soak in the grace and love of Christ.

3. Be consumed by the grace and love of Christ.

4. Be Immersed into the grace and love of Christ.

5. Let the grace and love of Christ fill your mind and thoughts.

6. Overflow with the grace and love of Christ.

7. Desire Christ in all his grace and love.

An Everlasting Love

I have loved you with an everlasting love.
A love without beginning
A love without end
A love that is free
A love that is unchangeable
Not bought by our merit
Not produced by our efforts
Not given because of our pleading
A love that comes to us because God is love
A love poured out to us because God is love
A love that embraces us
A love that reaches out to us
A love that draws us
A love that holds us
A love that overcomes
A love that abides in us
A love that claims us
A love that desires us
A love that loves at us and rejoices
A love that lifts us up
A love that calls us his own
A love without conditions.
God loves us with an everlasting love.

You Are……

You are a child of God.
You are an image bearer of God
You are the crown of creation
You were chosen before time and space
You are totally, wholly and deeply loved
You were sought after
You were pursued
You were romanced
You are the passionate desire of your lover’s heart
You are wonderful in your design
You are complete in your acceptance
You are infinite in your value
You are raised to life in Christ
You are ransomed
You are redeemed
You are forgiven
You are God’s voice to the world of his goodness, mercy and compassion
You are the hands of Christ
You are the eyes of Christ
You are the ears of Christ
You are the healing life of Christ
You are the demonstration of Christ
You are the light of Christ
You are never disconnected from God
You are immersed in the unconditional love of God.


Isolation …
It is just an illusion, it is not who I am.
Because I am never alone.
Never separated from the eternal God who lives inside me.
I don’t have to look for God because He has found me.
I don’t have to search for God because He searched for me.
I don’t have to feel isolated for He has united me to Himself forever
I don’t have to strain to hear him for He is whispering to my heart.
I don’t have to plead with him because He has given me all things in Christ.
So why do I sometimes feel isolated.
Because I ask where did God go?
What happened to me?
His Spirit living in me is the answer to my hearts longing
His Spirit is his waves of Grace crashing over me.
I can never lose him
I can never be lost to him.
For He has found me and He holds on to me.
I am safe in Him.
What happened to me?
Christ embraced me
And I was changed forever
Held and kept by his grace.
Held and kept in His unconditional love.

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