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Filled With The Power of God.

You have been filled with the power of the finished of Christ living inside you.

Your heart has been forever created and transformed by the grace of God.

You don’t have to wait for a conference or an event, or a meeting or a worship leader to play a certain song. You are a fountain of the glory of God. His presence is alive in you. You have a river of God’s power flowing in you.

Soak in the glory of God alive in you. Let his glory overwhelm you and flood through your body in waves of restoration, wholeness and healing.


Leave Space For God.

Leave space for God.

Leave space to delve into God’s intimate treasure. Those moments of pure delight when you dance with his presence inside.

Allow his overflowing favour to capture your thoughts and let his scandalous grace motivate your heart.

His resurrection life in in you to open up the blind eyes, open deaf ears, raise the dead and heal the lame. Out of you flows the light of the goodness, mercy and compassion of God.

Reap the glory of Christ’s victory of the cross in your life. He sowed the seeds of his resurrection life into your New Creation heart. You now reap what Christ has sown and planted in your heart.

God’s glory is alive in you and you are complete in him.

1,44O Opportunities Every Day.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. There are 1,440 opportunities to connect with God, hear his voice, touch his heart and experience his love.

It takes just one minute to drift off and connect with the power inside you.

The Holy Spirit is working in you. He is cultivating the good soil of your heart into a overflowing vessel of God’s anointing love. Out of you flows rivers of God’s delight.

You are under a waterfall healing, Christ in you is an overflowing fountain of unconditional love.

Close you eyes, breathe deep and connect with Christ, living and whispering inside you.

God is Not Hiding From You.

Jesus trusts you. He trusts the life of the Holy Spirit planted in you to produce all good things according to his will.

Jesus will direct your paths. He is leading you and guiding you into all the purposes of God planned for you.

Jesus delights in lighting your paths, giving you rest and sharing his plans and dreams with you.

God is not hiding from you, he does not withhold any good thing from you and you are the delight of his heart.

Listen to his whisper, cherish the warmth of his breath, and taste the goodness of his love.

He is your way in the darkness around you, He is the truth of all things given to you forever and He is the resurrection life in your heart.

Let His presence fill and delight your heart and let his desire be the satisfaction of your life.

Talk with Jesus

Christ desires to talk with you in every circumstance and moment of your day.

You can strike up a conversation whenever you want, in the supermarket, in the car, on a park bench, waiting for a train, in the queue for a sandwich, busy, hectic, noisy, quiet or still it does not matter, it makes no difference, Jesus is interested and is waiting to talk with you.

He even wants to talk with you when you are on your phone checking out Facebook.

Jesus is intrested in every aspect of your life, encouraging you to draw close and touch his heart.

He wants you to be captivated with his life in you.

All you have to do is open your heart and listen to his whisper.

Christ is alive in your heart, he is infiltrating your mind and Christ is forever connected to your life. He has made you his dwelling place.

Jesus is interested in you. You are the delight of his heart.

Allow God

Allow God do whatever he wants.

God delights in revealing his glory through you.

God’s desire is for his fruit to grow in your heart and blossom in your life.

Open the good soil of your heart, open your mouth and taste and eat the wonderous ripe fruit of his grace.

Nurture and nourish, goodness, faithfulness, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, self control and hope. Allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate the orchard of your heart.

Let the revelation of his goodness, let his value of you and his acceptance of you overflow from you.

Allow God to allow you to blossom.

Source of Blessings

In Christ you have become a source of blessing.

In Christ you possess the fullness of God in your heart. Your nature has been re-created and you are now identical to Christ in every detail.

Christ’s faith is now your faith; Christ’s holiness is now your holiness and his power is now your power.

The truth is that as Christ is so now are you.

In Christ you are an oasis of love in the desert. You are an overflowing fountain of divine life. You are the provision of wholeness for the hungry and you are now the source of blessing to everyone you meet.

Let God’s blessing overflow out of your life, everywhere you go and to every heart you touch.

Rivers of Eternal Life.

The riches of heaven now reside in your heart.

The treasure of life has been planted into your heart.

The heavens have been opened and the power of God has come and filled your innermost being.

Out of you flows effortlessly the rivers of eternal life.

Let Christ flow out of you as you spend time with those around you. Listen to their dreams and doubts, be interested in their challenges and let God touch their hearts through you.

In Christ you are an ever flowing stream of healing; your words are healing and resurrection to broken souls.


Loved By God.

Let yourself be loved by God.

It is one thing to know that God loves you but it is an entirely different thing to let God love you.

Let His is love for you set your heart on fire.

God adores you; God rejoices over you, you are the desire of his heart. He chose to live inside you, to be bonded with you and be united in you.

God loves the unique person you are.

Listen to his words of love, read his letters of love and let your heart be captivated by his heart of love for you.

Let go and let yourself be loved by God.


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