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You Are Redeemed

You’re not forgotten, you’re wanted.
You’re not neglected, you’re cared for.
You’re not forsaken, you’re embraced.
You’re not lost, I’ve found you.
You’re not hopeless, I’ve taken up your cause.
You’re not alone, I’m with you.
You’re not broken, you’re whole.
You’re not sinful, you’re good.
You’re not wretched, you’re lovable.
You’re not vulnerable, you’re safe.
You’re not spinning out of control, everything is all right now.
You’re not estranged, you’re part of the family.
You’re not a nobody, you’re my somebody.
You’re not trash, you’re a treasure.
You’re not ruined, you’re restored.
You’re not bound, I’ve freed you!
You’re not an enemy, you’re my friend.
You’re not distant from me, I’ve got you in my arms.
You’re not cast away, you belong with me! You’re not a misfit, you fit in with me.
You’re not unnoticed, you’ve got my full attention.
You’re not an orphan slave, you’re a royal child! You’re not unimportant, I’ve given my life for you!

You are delivered, you are safe, you are worthy, you are REDEEMED!


God is Whispering

God is whispering in you, his voice is the quiet unction within your heart.

He is whispering to you spirit to spirit..

Awaken your inner being to the touch of his love, release your mind, thoughts, and emotions and hear his words of reassurance, affirmation, and be consolidated in your union with him. God speaks in you, not to you.

He speaks in the part of you that is alive with the fullness of his glory, he speaks in you where you are full of the faith of Christ.

You are never separated from Him, you are never disconnected from Him, and He is constantly whispering in you.

Awaken your heart to hear His words of love.

You Are God’s Treasure

Did you know you’re a treasure to God?

He thinks you are so wonderful, priceless really!

You see your faults and problems and ways you ‘don’t measure up,’ but God performs no such judgment of you!

God accepts every part of you, loves every part of you, embraces the whole of you, without reserve, without question, without stipulation, without hesitation!

God sees the real you underneath all the junk and woundedness..He understands why you lash out or struggle as you do, He knows the lies you’ve been told, the hurts you’ve suffered. He understands you!

And He sees and knows the real you deep down – the little child, pure and innocent and sweet, looking out with wonder on this world, just needing to be loved.

He has scooped you up into His arms and will never let you go!

You are such a treasure to Him, just as you are, right now, without needing to change, get better, know more, or become more.

You are perfect to Him right now!

The Garden of Your Trust

The essence of ourselves, the very core of our being, and the place of our belief is designed for the glory of God.

Your heart is the garden of your trust.

God has created good soil in you, he has planted his seed in you, you can now flourish and blossom into all you are.

For true spiritual warfare is receiving and living in the completed work of the cross and casting down every negative stronghold that rises up and tells you that Christ is not enough.

Let your heart excel in the power of God, let the Holy Spirit overwhelm and overflow from your very core and receive and believe that in Christ you are more than a conqueror over every weapon that comes against you.

In Christ you are victorious.

No to Negativity

Say NO to negativity and lack, say YES to the goodness of God.

The heavens declare the glory of God and the cosmos is a garden of infinite abundance. Millions of stars declare that God loves you with an everlasting love and treasure’s you above everything else.

Cast you cares upon him and let his finished work be the resting place of your heart.  His rest is now your rest, his finished work is now your finished work, his faith is now your faith.

Don’t let negativity and lack take root in your heart, let the Holy Spirit weed them out and let the goodness of God fill your life with all of heaven’s delights.

The Completeness of Christ

The completeness of Christ is working inside you; the Holy Spirit is manoeuvring your thoughts, emotions and habits to come into alignment with your true nature.

Don’t look at how you feel or how you act instead look to the Holy Spirit and the promises of God.

Old habits have been disarmed at the Cross, old patterns of thought have been destroyed, you are now a new creation in Christ, a temple of the glory of God.

Take time, consider all that Christ has won for you without your deeds or effort and celebrate your freedom from the bondage of your old life.

Thanksgiving is the voice of faith.

God is Light

God is Light..and that means there is no darkness in Him at all! There are no ulterior motives, no hidden self-centered agenda, no ‘using’ us for His own ends. There is no harsh side of God, no ‘dark side’ of Him; He is ONLY and EVER pure light! To me that speaks of purity of His essence, so pure love, pure goodness, pure truth, with no shadows. He is the Light that dispels all the darkness of lies and delusions of the enemy, showing that they are actually NOTHING, having no substance at all! He is so good to know and His light doesn’t expose us or shame us; rather, it enlightens us and shows us own own beauty and purity, since we are made in His image! Thus, we also are light beings, without dark shadows in us. That tells me I don’t have to worry that I am ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ at the core. At my core is His Spirit of pure light, and that describes me as well!

Faith the Currency of Heaven


Your ‘Yes’ to everything God has provided by grace opens the treasure vaults of heaven.

The door to the chamber of his provision has been permanently opened and you have an eternal invitation to dwell in the overflowing pastures of his goodness.

For God is good and he is good all the time and his whole nature and his whole being is focused on constantly blessing you without you earning or deserving it.

God’s desire is to shower you with healing, blessings, love, compassion and kindness because you are his delight and he delights in giving his children all good things.

A Wellspring of Peace

You have a wellspring of peace overflowing from your heart.

Christ the Prince of Peace has taken up residence inside your innermost being and his tranquillity and his quietness are now the rock of your heart.

Everything that would come against you, every storm that would try to batter you, every fear that would try to assail you, has been defeated at the cross and your spirit has the perfect, wholeness of the resurrected Christ reigning in glory and power.

Don’t let the cares of the world or the fear of man rob you of the grace of God.

Love has triumphed over darkness, you have a river of peace flowing in your life.

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