Living Grace

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Christ in You

God has placed His majesty and sovereignty into your heart.
God is not average or mediocre. God is faithfully wonderfully overflowing in love and grace.
God wants you to see the fullness of Christ in yourself. God wants you to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in you. He wants you to know you are kept, held and secure in Christ.
For you are hidden in Christ. He is establishing in you his royal authority and his royal declaration is that you are a joint-heir with him.
Everything that pertains to Christ is now yours.
You are no longer a slave to fear and depression, you are a child of the King. You rule and reign with Christ.
Be encouraged you are loved beyond measure and you are God’s masterpiece and treasure.

Grace Is…..

Grace is the freedom to run and enjoy life knowing that God has provided everything in Christ.
That I don’t have to ask or plead for anything that God has provided for me in grace.
For grace is Christ.
Grace is Christ alive in me.
Grace is Christ poured out for me.
Grace is Christ formed inside me.
Grace is:-
God’s healing alive inside me
God’s provision alive inside me
God’s abundance alive inside me
God’s delieverance alive inside me
God’s love alive inside me.
God’s joy alive inside me
God’s freedom alive inside me
God’s kindness alive inside me
God’s compassion alive inside me
God’s mercy alive inside me
It is his healing power, healing my body, soul and heart.
It is his release freeing me from the captivity of my mind, my emotions and the wounds of life.
It is his power in me from his resurrection life.
Grace is the riches of heaven poured into me.
And it is for freedom Christ has set me free.
Free to live and enjoy his unconditional love.
Free to live in his delight in me.

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