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September 2018

Allow God

Allow God to make the first move. Allow him to flow into every circumstance of your life.

You were designed for dependence, created for relationship, and God’s desire is for him to light your path and direct your steps.

Resist the desire to take over, to try to reach him, to try to make him move.

He is alive inside you; just lose yourself in his love and make yourself available to hear his voice and follow his leading.

Listen for his words and when he speaks respond to his embrace.


God Loved You

“Before the dawn breezes blow and the night shadows flee, I will hurry to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of frankincense.” Song of songs 4:6

Before the foundations of the world and before the beginning of time, God loved you.

Before planets were thrown into space, he decided to come for you. He came and journeyed with us into a world of dirt and flesh to capture our hearts. He came because we are the joy of his heart.

He came for us so that he could take us and adopt into his family. For adoption is the true heart of predestination.

For it is the love of God that takes the initiative. And there is nothing you need to do to get his love because God’s love for you is not based on anything that you have done, but on who you are.

God’s love is eternal. It does not have a beginning and it does not come to an end. It existed before time and was poured out in time and was sacrificed at a specific moment in time.

Calvary the hill of frankincense was the moment when God’s love kissed our dirt.

Infinite Deep Well

The overflowing heart of God is filled with his kindness and generosity. God is an infinite deep well of abundant love, his compassion knows no bounds.

He is relentlessly kind to you and his nature is continuously shaping your heart, mind and emotions. In the turmoil and struggle of everyday life his kindness is working in you.

Don’t let the negative news of the world dull your heart; don’t let fear rent space in your mind.

God is an overflowing generous father, and his kindness abounds inside you to dispel the darkness and bring in his light.

Grace Changes Everything


The grace of God changes everything.

Embracing the unconditional love of God changes your perspective on world events, politics, money, neighbours and people.

Those you thought of as enemies you being to see as forgiven and loved. The bombardment of the media fades into empty words compared to the promises of God.

Love has triumphed, Christ has defeated the reign of sin and death and you are a messenger of the glorious freedom and reconciliation of the cross.

Now is the time to focus your mind on Christ and let the light of his grace shine from your life.

Christ is Our Tool Box

Christ has placed his tools into our lives
His tools to work in and through us by his Holy Spirit
Supernatural tools
Tools of His life in us


For all these tools are tools of reconciliation
Tools to craft and demonstrate the unconditional love of God
And instead of asking for God to give us these things
It is better to take the tools Christ has placed inside us
And use them in every situation of Christ

Let God reveal to you the tools he has given you
And let him work in and through you with those tools
He is an open tool box
He has given you the best tools
He is delighted with you
He is your tools in very situation of life.
Christ is the full supply of God given to you.


In one act
One sacrifice
Jesus vanished our sins forever
Our old man
Our old life
Our old person
Vanished at the cross
Our failures were vanished at the cross
Our defeats were vanished at the cross
Our condemnation was vanished at the cross
Our guilt was vanished at the cross
Our self-righteousness was vanished at the cross
Our bondage was vanished at the cross
Our yoke of self loathing was vanished at the cross
Our captivity was vanished at the cross
Our separation in our minds was vanished at the cross.

Jesus in one act reconciled us back to God at the cross
And the wall of separation was taken away forever.
Our blindness was healed
Our deaf ears were healed
At the cross we were healed
And we can now see the fullness of Christ
We can now hear the voice of the father
We are now made one with Christ.

God has vanished our old man.
It has gone forever
We are now New Creations in Jesus Christ.

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