Living Grace


April 2018

New Life

Christ has given you new life in him.

The Holy Spirit is alive and bubbling up in your heart.

Christ has delivered and released you from the captivity and oppression you were born in to.

Walk in the light and freedom of His New Creation life within your heart.

Don’t be tainted by the deceitfulness of the world, the dirt of gossip, the burdens of adulthood , instead look at life through the eyes of a child and let the wonder of God fill your heart and mind.

In all you say and do let it show and experience the glory of God and the beauty of your New Creation life.

Let your view of life be the view of Christ because your life is now hid with Christ in God.

God is Devoted to You.

Your spirit has been made a New Creation in Christ. The Holy Spirit has joined you in an eternal union with the resurrection life of Christ. He has made you perfect in Him.

God is completely devoted to you and he has promised never to leave you or forsake you. What does that mean?

It means that wherever you go and no matter what you do He is living inside of you and is utterly devoted to you.

So you can fail and he will still be devoted to you. You can fear and he will still be devoted to you. You can be anxious and he will still be devoted to you.

In Christ there are no limitations on your life.

Today step out in the assurance that Christ is devoted to you. That you are his masterpiece created in Christ to do the works he places in your heart.

Your heart is united with him and he has filled you with his Holy Spirit and his loving desire.

Don’t limit the resurrection power of Christ that lives in you.

Jesus has a love affair with you.

Jesus has a love affair with your heart.

Jesus is in love with you totally, fully and unconditionally. This amazing love is so wonderful it means that you are right with God all the time. Because you are now in Christ and as He is so now are you!

It is almost too good to be true because even if you mess up He still is alive and totally committed to you.

He is never separated from you.

Just wait on Him and experience his presence, his restoration and let the divine soak into your whole being. Allow the divine to infiltrate your whole being.

You were created to live and dwell in the realm of God’s glory.

Don’t ever write yourself off, don’t ever look down upon yourself. In Christ you are redeemed, forgiven, restored and made New.

In Christ you are now the child God planned and purposed you to be from the dawn of creation.

God is delighted with you.

Provision and Abundance.

The Cross was a place of overflowing provision. The resurrection was an ignition of unmerited abundance. Heaven’s fire of provision and abundance has been ignited in you in your new creation life. Your heart is rich soil of all of heaven’s glory. Heaven has come to earth and has been birthed inside you. You are the living, breathing declaration of New Life and resurrection power of Christ.


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