Living Grace


January 2020

God’s Goodness In You

God’s goodness in you is the power of God the enemy cannot break. The goodness of God has overcome evil and you have been set free in Christ. The good news is that Christ abides and remains in your heart. You are now filled with the fullness of Christ. You are now loved with the perfect love of God. God’s thoughts in our hearts towards us are constantly precious and full of love. He has eradicated every seed of condemnation for us and every condemning thought is our enemy. We now think and see our lives cemented into the perfect love of God.

Victory in Christ.

Victory in Christ is inescapable. You cannot mess it up for God in Christ. You cannot avoid His victory. In every issue, circumstance, conflict, disagreement and attack, Christ has already won. His life in you can do something in any moment, and our joy and delight is to let His victory work in and through us. God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in Christ. And the fruit of God’s love blossoms in our hearts.

God is Marvelous

Everything about God is marvelous. The infinite, wondrous, amazing, phenomenal, sensational God lives in you. God fills your heart with wonder and amazement. The Holy Spirit alive in you makes everything brilliant, too incredible for words. For now In Christ you abide in heavenly places. The astonishing God makes all things possible in Christ. God’s world has entered our world and we are now filled with the glory of God.

All We Need.

All we need is found in Christ and Christ is found in us. God fellowships with us! He loves intimacy with us! He understands everything about us and adores us! We are innocent little ones before His face, and He is always hugging us to His cheek and whispering, “I love you, my dear little one!” He loves to look at us, study our features, listen to our thoughts. He loves our company! He loves spending time with us, no time with us is ever a waste in His eyes but is instead the most important and special thing of all to Him!

Magnificent God

Magnificent God you have relentlessly showered me with blessing and drowned me in your love. His love is from everlasting to everlasting. He has filled me with the passion of His power and the intensity of His grace. His sweet beauty rests upon us and pours into us His favour. We are never disconnected from his resurrection life in Christ. His joy is to reveal to us His pleasure and favour planted in us. Everything God is has been given to us in Christ. We are his fountain of pleasure.

Floodlight in your heart.

Christ is the floodlight in your heart. He is the revelation light illuminating your life. He is the brightness that lights up the Paths ahead. He is God inside you. He is the perfect son of heaven alive in you. All the promises of God are YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus. Christ has hidden himself in your heart. You are wrapped and encased in the grace of God alive within you. God’s grace is your secure foundation to build your life upon. For grace is a person and that person is Christ.

Entered The Royal Palace.

In Christ you have entered into the royal palace. You are stunning in Christ. You are pure gold. You are filled with the grand, majestic, joyful inheritance of heaven. The heavens declare that you are loved. You have been placed in the safe and powerful grip of Christ. Christ is always with you, He is always there inside you when you need him. So you never need to fear. For He is a constant flowing river whose sparkling streams bring joy and delight into your heart.


In Christ you are crowned with the bliss of heaven. You mind is encased with the fervent joy of heaven. You are sealed into Christ and you are sealed into your adoption of God. You are a joint-heir with Christ and you are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You can think the very thoughts of God, for you are enthroned to rule and reign with Christ. The passionate desire of the King is now your passionate desire. For your heart is made New and is full of New Creation life.

Clothed in His Righteousness.

In Christ you are clothed with the royal garments of righteousness. You wear the innocence of Christ. You are drenched in the fragrance of heaven, you are bathed in the scent of the glory of God. You are covered in the perfume of heaven’s delight. The anointing oil of the Holy Spirit is in you. You are a love offering given by Christ to God. Everything true about Christ is now true about you. Put away the past, put behind you any attachment to the world’s thinking. You are filled with the light of Christ. You are filled with Christ’s beautiful brightness.

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