Living Grace


February 2018

Eternity Alive in Your Heart.

You were made to be loved by God. He has set his affection toward you and you are the object of his desire.

His promise to you is that He will never leave you or forsake you; He will keep you, guide you and hold you tight.

You always belong to him; always remain in him because He remains in you.

God loves you with his tender heart and his thoughts towards you are captured in his delight in you.

His love is everlasting and his acceptance of you is complete.

Eternity is alive in your heart.

You Are Amazing.

You are amazing.

You can do all things because Christ in you is alive in you to strengthen and empower you.

God in you can release you from all that is expected of you into all that is available to you.

God is infinite, He has no boundaries, He is limitless and overflows with brilliance.

Begin to take your focus off the ordinary, what is typical, what is expected of you and look into the eyes of Jesus.

Do something different in Christ, take that step and walk on the water.

You Are Free.

In Christ you are free to be who you are and do what you were created to do.

God’s creativity is alive within your heart and you are a living, walking expression of the wonder and glory of Christ.

Christ is the very source of life inside you, he has re-made you in Him and the amazing qualities of the person of Christ are now formed in your heart.

You are a wonderful new creation of Christ, an awesome expression of the love and grace of God.

He is our Safe Harbour.

Christ is the place where weaknesses are welcomed.

He is the safe harbour of our hope. Jesus loves us for who we are. For now in Christ we carry the divine nature in our hearts.

We must never be afraid to throw our lives open to God.

Be honest, say how you feel, express all your thoughts and let him heal your hurts and free your emotions.

God loves you, all of you including your weaknesses and doubts.

Christ lives in you and you are full of him. Every moment of your life you now free and blameless to experience his joy and love in your life.

God delights in you and his delight will make your weaknesses strong.

You are God’s prized possession and his power is alive in you.

Perfected Forever.

In Christ you have been perfected forever.

All your sin has been dealt with at the cross, every sin of the whole world has been forgiven at the cross.

In Christ you have been cleansed, perfected, purified and made holy, once and for all time. Not by anything that you have done but through the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross.

His sacrifice not only forgave you and not only took away all your sin but it completely renewed you that you are now perfect, blameless and free.

Free to live in perfect harmony with God and to know and experience his abundance in your life.

Today there is nothing between you and God anymore.

God Sees Christ in You.

Think of how God sees Jesus – God finds no flaw in him, God finds no mistakes in him. God is perfectly satisfied with His son.

Christ is perfectly pleasing, acceptable, excellent and righteous in God’s eyes. In fact, the son is so perfect that there is no way God would need to improve him. Christ is complete and right before the Father.

Today, that is the way God sees you. When God looks at you He sees Christ in you, Christ alive and working in you. For you are now righteous in Christ and his abundant life is your life.

See yourself as God sees you, in Christ, holy and righteous, redeemed and a New Creation full of God.

God’s Abundant Love.

God in Christ has demonstrated His love to you.

God’s love is bigger, greater, more self-sacrificing , more amazing and more abundant than any other love.

God’s love never fails, never ends and keeps on going no matter the circumstances, obstacles or cost.

When we ran from God and hide from him, He chased after us, caught us and embraced us.

God is for you, He has already moved to help you and His commitment to you is demonstrated in His love for you , poured out to you freely in Christ.

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