Living Grace


February 2020


Don’t let those hidden feelings of loss and disappointments rob you from the authority of Christ’s presence alive in you.  For Christ in you is a confident expectation of the goodness of God excelling in your life. His honesty, His truth, His abundant love is the overflow of His limitless grace immersing your heart. You are loved by God, the desire of his heart and the delight of his goodness.  Christ in you is the abundant life of all the glory of heaven.

Jesus Remains True.

Jesus will remain true to you for you are the core of His purpose and plan. You are the joy that sets His heart on fire, the reflection of His love. Embrace His spirit, let His joy ravage your heart and fill your mind.  Don’t let the influence of the world with its propaganda of lies force you into an image of anything less than Christ’s message of grace overflowing inside you. Christ abides in you; his promise to keep you, hold you and be your stronghold is his eternal commitment to you.

Alive To Christ.

In Christ all your sins have been annihilated, all your mistakes have been made new. Christ has freed you from the bondage of guilt and condemnation. Christ alive in you is your good shepherd and as he speaks to you, you can listen to the voice of God. In Christ you are tuned into the frequency of heaven. The declaration of heaven is that you are free and his love has placed liberty in your heart. You now have the presence of Christ, you can rest in the embrace of Christ who loves you and has devoted himself to you.

Enraptured and Enthralled.

Be enraptured and enthralled with Christ. Let the joy of heaven outwork in every aspect of your life. Let the delight of heaven satisfy your heart and let the spirit immerse yourself with his overwhelming wonder. Your heart is a garden ripe with the abundant harvest of heaven, in you is planted the love and grace of God. God is at work in you and he gently leads you into pastures of ever increasing abundance. Acknowledge his treasure, feast on his banquet of grace and let the satisfaction of your soul, mind and thoughts be the grace and the finished work of Christ.

Designed To Hear God’s Voice

You were designed to hear God’s voice. God speaks to you because He wants to to know and experience his splendor in and through you. He delights in you and his desire is for you to express himself in all you are and do. In you dwells the presence of God, you are his treasure, his beloved, for Gospel is that Godd so loved the world that he desired to manifest the majesty of heaven in you. He has released all good things to you. He has with held nothing from you, all the blessings of heaven are yours in Christ.

Your Name In Christ.

Your name in Christ is pulsating and alive and within your name is wrapped all the treasure of heaven. Inside your heart flows rivers of life and out of your spirit grows the tree of life. You are planted into Christ and his fruit in you empowers you to set prisoners free, heal the brokenhearted and declare the favour God. The spirit of God, made alive in Christ is complete inside you. God created you for his glory, your body is alive and the electricity of heaven flows in your veins.

Fill Your Mind.

Fill your mind with consciousness of heaven, let your thoughts be saturated with the unconditional love of God. His declaration over you is one of goodness, hope, love and peace. The anointing oil of God has permeated your spirit and you are surrounded and encased with the promise and assurance of “No condemnation! ” God has promised to meet all your needs according to His riches given and deposited in you. In Christ you are a living, breathing, moving temple of power and love, shining with the glory of God.

Christ is Everything You Need.

Don’t let the past dictate your future. In Christ you have everything you need to flourish in his godliness, because Christ in you is everything you need. Today, you have a constant, unbroken fellowship with God. The real experience of our spirits is the intimate, personal, deep, abiding presence of Christ. His faith in us brings his fullness into our experience, we have received the full package and he has given us his life, power, grace and love, alive in the glory of God that radiates in our heart.


Let the Holy Spirit work through you today. Don’t be held captive by your mind, your ability and your emotions. You are a majestic part of God’s unlimited plan, you have been placed into the purposes of God. Before time, before creation, you were chosen to be a child of God , adopted into Christ. His life now flows through you. You are held by God, loved from his heart of affection and set apart for his glory.

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