Living Grace


June 2018


Forgiveness alive in your heart is the realisation that every sin you have committed or will commit was forgiven at the cross. All your sins were forgiven before you were born.

The cross was a once and forever sacrifice that reconciled humanity back to God and
Jesus was divine forgiveness kissing humanity with a life of compassion manifested in his kindness.

Forgiveness flows from the deep infinite heart of God. The eternal display of his love has been forever captured in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

One of the keys to wholeness in your mind, emotions and thoughts is to extend that forgiveness you have received to others. In ways that goes beyond our understanding a heart that holds unforgiveness builds up walls self-righteousness and self-consciousness.

It is important to remove those barriers in our mind of judgement and proclaim the message of the gospel that God in Christ is not counting our sins against us. But requires us to turn our hearts and beliefs back to embrace his unconditional love and the truth of all Christ has won for us at the cross.

Let us live a life of reconciliation and be a reconciler and flourish in the freedom of forgiveness.

Complete in Christ.

In Christ you are complete in Him. In Christ God is not with-holding any good thing from you.

As He is so now are you!

Lose the mindset of praying, hoping, and striving for God to move. The new day of God’s blessing is today, in Christ you have the fullness of God living in you.

God is not doing something new, he is not going to rend the heavens and come down on you, because He is already living in you with his love, joy, peace, health, wholeness and glory.

He is not going to give you something you already have! He is not going to do something you plead for when you already have it! Just receive all he has provided and partake in his treasure of wholeness.

You are alive to Christ and dead to sin!

You are free in Christ so live in his freedom in you.

You are held in his arms, let him hold on to you

I Am Who God Says I Am.

I am defined by his word alive in my heart.
I am who God says I am.
My heart knows it.
My spirit knows it.
But my mind and thoughts need to know it.
God works in me to transform my inner image of myself.
Who I am is who God has recreated me to be
For now my New Creation life is the good ground I can plant every promise and seed of God into.
And as God sows his word in me it will produce a ripe abundant harvest.
For Christ in me is the hope of glory not my performance or my self effort but His life alive in me.

Those moments in life where I slip back are in fact just what they really are.
Moments are not my life.
I live in each moment but I am defined by the unconditional love of God and the truth of Christ through his finished work.
Love and truth are the ripe harvest of my heart.


Life is Worth Living.

Life is worth living when you know the truth of your heart.
For Christ has given you a New Heart and planted his fruit into your heart.
Now nourish it, nurture it and guard it.
Give the Holy Spirit the freedom to cultivate the power of the Resurrection life of Christ in you.
Unforgivenes is not you.
Forgive completely and don’t let it’s weeds grow.
Worry is not you. Don’t let worry take root and grow.
Fear is not you. The perfect love of God is in you and fear is not yours.
Brokenness is not you. Christ has made you whole and you are complete in him.
Captivity is not you. In Christ you have been set free and delivered.
Sickness is not you. For by the wounds of Jesus you are already healed.
The Holy Spirit in you produces the fruit of all God is.
For when the life of Christ is at the centre of your core then you are Holy and Righteous at the core.
And life is worth living in all its fullness in Christ when the creator of the universe is alive and planted into our hearts.
The core of our hearts is good in Christ and His fullness is our righteous core.

We now live in the abundance of New Creation life, we are united with Him as our source, we let him flow in and through us and his life produces life in us.
In Christ we have a new centre to our lives and his love and truth reigns in us.
Now our centre is unconditional love and life is worth living.
In all its abundance.

The Sweet Fragrance of Christ.

Christ is the sweet fragrance of God.

For God comes to us as a sweet fragrance
He comes to us as a column of smoke
He comes to us as the morning dew
He comes to us to entice our senses
To ignite our desire
To penetrate our walls of self reliance
He comes to us as a consuming fire
To burn away the dross
To burn away our worldly perception
To burn away the dead wood of unbelief
To burn away the lies of self effort
His fragrance wafts into our senses to create a longing to be with him.
And it is His fragrance, Christ’s fragrance in us that we give to everyone and everything thing we touch and connect with in every day life.
For In Christ we are the fragrance of heaven in a corrupted world.
We are the sweet perfume of the unconditional love of God to those that are crying, desperate and alone.
We are the fragrance of healing and restoration for those lost and without hope.
We are the fragrance of hope.
We are the fragrance of the unconditional love of God.
For Christ did not come into the world to condemn the world but to give us the very life of God in a New Creation of his love and life.

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