Forgiveness alive in your heart is the realisation that every sin you have committed or will commit was forgiven at the cross. All your sins were forgiven before you were born.

The cross was a once and forever sacrifice that reconciled humanity back to God and
Jesus was divine forgiveness kissing humanity with a life of compassion manifested in his kindness.

Forgiveness flows from the deep infinite heart of God. The eternal display of his love has been forever captured in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

One of the keys to wholeness in your mind, emotions and thoughts is to extend that forgiveness you have received to others. In ways that goes beyond our understanding a heart that holds unforgiveness builds up walls self-righteousness and self-consciousness.

It is important to remove those barriers in our mind of judgement and proclaim the message of the gospel that God in Christ is not counting our sins against us. But requires us to turn our hearts and beliefs back to embrace his unconditional love and the truth of all Christ has won for us at the cross.

Let us live a life of reconciliation and be a reconciler and flourish in the freedom of forgiveness.