In Christ you are complete in Him. In Christ God is not with-holding any good thing from you.

As He is so now are you!

Lose the mindset of praying, hoping, and striving for God to move. The new day of God’s blessing is today, in Christ you have the fullness of God living in you.

God is not doing something new, he is not going to rend the heavens and come down on you, because He is already living in you with his love, joy, peace, health, wholeness and glory.

He is not going to give you something you already have! He is not going to do something you plead for when you already have it! Just receive all he has provided and partake in his treasure of wholeness.

You are alive to Christ and dead to sin!

You are free in Christ so live in his freedom in you.

You are held in his arms, let him hold on to you