Living Grace


October 2018

Limitless God


The limitless God lives inside your spirit, every blessings of God; every promise of God is yours.

He has given you the best seat, favoured you with the finest banquet and elevated you to the highest place. He has sowed his essence, his glory into your life. In Christ you do not have to live in fear, He has released you from condemnation and the guilt of past failures has been washed away. And all this is effortless, Christ has done it for you and He has done it in you. Don’t look back, but live in the intimate acceptance of Christ and believe his value of your life.

You are eternally blessed, every moment, every day of your life in Christ.

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit

Listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit; follow the flow of his river of healing.

Let the God who created the universe release God’s greatness in you.

The majesty of God dwells in you, the magnificence of heaven lives in your spirit, release all he is and let him flow through you.

Lose yourself in the joy of his abundance.

You are accepted, you are valued, you are precious to him, and has set you apart and made you a joint-heir of heaven.

Let Christ express himself in all his glory through your life.

Faithful to His Promises

God is a faithful to His promises.

Every promise of God is a testament of his commitment to you, His overwhelming delight in encouraging you to flourish and prosper. Every promise is a stepping stone to bring you into all he created you to be. Every promise confirms his love in your heart. And every promise of God is YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus. Believe and receive the promises of God, take them one at a time and let them dwell in your heart and cement in your mind.

Today, is the day of God’s promises and they are all fulfilled in Christ

A Love Letter

God has written a love letter to you, crafted with affirmation, filled with adoration and penned in kindness.

Every word written to you in his word is a mirror of the commitment and value he gives to you. For the Bible is your river of life to feed your senses and transform your mind, emotions and thoughts. His words are your health, your prosperity, your victory, your guarantee. His words are breath that will set your heart on fire. Immerse yourself into the treasure chamber of his promises to you and let his word bring life, shed light and strengthen your inner man.

Feast on his banquet of love and enjoy the rich delights of his words.

In Your Heart

The new life of Christ radiates in your heart, lighting up your path, leading you into green pastures and confirms your right standing with God.

Jesus Christ’s death was your death, His resurrection was your resurrection, and you are now seated in heavenly places in him. As He is so are you. His confidence is your confidence and every lie, trap and oppression of the enemy has been trampled down and placed under your feet.

The enemy has NO power over you, because all power was given to Christ and he has placed his authority within your heart.

Breathe, walk, explore and live in the newness of life that He has created in you. Consider yourself dead to sin and alive to Christ.

In every situation you face you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

In the King’s Family

You have been placed into the King’s family, In Christ you are a joint-heir to all the riches of heaven.

Everything that is true about Christ is now true about you. The favour of God rests upon you and all the authority of heaven has been given into your hands. Expect good things, anticipate blessings, and rest in the overflowing abundance of God.

You are highly favoured, eternally blessed and infinitely loved.

The finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross guarantees that goodness and unfailing love will be with you and follow you every day of your life

You Are Redeemed

You’re not forgotten, you’re wanted.
You’re not neglected, you’re cared for.
You’re not forsaken, you’re embraced.
You’re not lost, I’ve found you.
You’re not hopeless, I’ve taken up your cause.
You’re not alone, I’m with you.
You’re not broken, you’re whole.
You’re not sinful, you’re good.
You’re not wretched, you’re lovable.
You’re not vulnerable, you’re safe.
You’re not spinning out of control, everything is all right now.
You’re not estranged, you’re part of the family.
You’re not a nobody, you’re my somebody.
You’re not trash, you’re a treasure.
You’re not ruined, you’re restored.
You’re not bound, I’ve freed you!
You’re not an enemy, you’re my friend.
You’re not distant from me, I’ve got you in my arms.
You’re not cast away, you belong with me! You’re not a misfit, you fit in with me.
You’re not unnoticed, you’ve got my full attention.
You’re not an orphan slave, you’re a royal child! You’re not unimportant, I’ve given my life for you!

You are delivered, you are safe, you are worthy, you are REDEEMED!

God is Whispering

God is whispering in you, his voice is the quiet unction within your heart.

He is whispering to you spirit to spirit..

Awaken your inner being to the touch of his love, release your mind, thoughts, and emotions and hear his words of reassurance, affirmation, and be consolidated in your union with him. God speaks in you, not to you.

He speaks in the part of you that is alive with the fullness of his glory, he speaks in you where you are full of the faith of Christ.

You are never separated from Him, you are never disconnected from Him, and He is constantly whispering in you.

Awaken your heart to hear His words of love.

You Are God’s Treasure

Did you know you’re a treasure to God?

He thinks you are so wonderful, priceless really!

You see your faults and problems and ways you ‘don’t measure up,’ but God performs no such judgment of you!

God accepts every part of you, loves every part of you, embraces the whole of you, without reserve, without question, without stipulation, without hesitation!

God sees the real you underneath all the junk and woundedness..He understands why you lash out or struggle as you do, He knows the lies you’ve been told, the hurts you’ve suffered. He understands you!

And He sees and knows the real you deep down – the little child, pure and innocent and sweet, looking out with wonder on this world, just needing to be loved.

He has scooped you up into His arms and will never let you go!

You are such a treasure to Him, just as you are, right now, without needing to change, get better, know more, or become more.

You are perfect to Him right now!

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