Living Grace


January 2018

The Heart of the Universe.

The heart of the universe is perfect love.

This love has been given to us by and through grace, and grace is not a doctrine or a theology but a person, Jesus Christ.

He followed us into our own darkness. The darkness we had fashioned, we had so expertly created by our own hands and the God’s we had so convincingly made to satisfy our hearts desires. It was here behind the walls we built of our own imaginations that we thought we could finally escape God.

But God instead of rejecting us gave us the freedom to follow our own cravings and offered himself up and ran straight into our arms. He sent himself as the messanger of reconciliation and took our judgement, our punishment and gave us mercy offered up in grace.

We can have abundant life because of His determination to deliver us from the separation that we had created.

Christ never gives up on you, never leaves you and never forsakes you.

You are the delight of the Father’s heart the joy of the eternal God who adores you from beyond time

For God’s love doesn’t depend upon you, isn’t conditional to your response, it is founded and shown in the sacrifice of Christ who loved and died for you when you had turned your back on him.

In the depths of your heart is a residence of perfect love for the precious son of heaven has planted himself into the garden of your heart.

A Reflection of the Father’s Love.

You were created in the image of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You were designed to be a reflection of the Trinity.

You were formed by the glory of God, in the glory of God to radiate throughout eternity the glory of God.

The love of God, which is out if time, entered time in you and took up residence in your jar of clay.

And just as the three in one draw their identity from each other, we were created to draw our identity from our creator. This identity is the real treasure our hearts desires. And this identity is the value of our true worth.

To look for indentity in anything else diminishes our value, to each other and to ourself.

Our value is a reflection of our hearts treasure.

You are a child of your Father’s love and you are beautiful, a captivating image of your father’s love and everytime He looks at you it reminds him of the consuming passionate love that created you.

Above all else you are the climax, the pinnacle of creation and God sacrificed himself so you could run straight back into your Father’s arms.

Your real identity is found and established in the heart of the Father’s love.


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