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We are called to inherit the blessing

We are not called merely to exist or get by. We were predestined in Christ, to inherit all the blessings of God through Christ’s death on the cross. God put us into the death of Christ before we were born, all we do is receive it. Everything Christ won at the cross is now ours by receiving our inheritance.

Everything falls to the goodness of God

God is eternally good, goodness flows from his heart, His mercies are never-ending. Nothing can stand before the goodness of God, his heart towards us is filled with his goodness.

Love Knows No Ending

We cannot be stopped if our intention is love- Love knows no ending and love is the gluing agent of the cosmos. Because love will never cease, we will never cease in love. When we focus our attention on knowing and receiving God’s love, we place ourselves into the centre of God’s perfect love and this is an everlasting love.

Innocent In Christ

Our new nature in Christ is nurtured in the Spirit and established in our hearts – We are New in Christ and He has established his kingdom in our hearts. We have been re-born into perfect holiness and righteousness. We have been made innocent in Christ. We have been eternally forgiven and everything has been re-created new.

We overcome evil with love

Ultimately it is not force or works that overcomes evil it is love. For perfect love casts out ALL fear. When the world experiences the love of God in Christ it transforms us into a new dimension and experience of love.

Unselfish Love

But earnestly desire and strive for the greater gifts [if acquiring them is going to be your goal]. And yet I will show you a still more excellent way [one of the choicest graces and the highest of them all: unselfish love]. “– I Corinthians 12:31

Unselfish Love is the love of Christ poured into our lives. Paul calls living by this love a more excellent way. It is not that other ways in Christ are bad, it is that Christ’s love delighting and overflowing in our hearts is the pinnacle of our existence. Christ’s love is the most powerful action in the universe. Christ’s love is the beginning and the end. Very often as Christian’s, we settle for value and acceptance in things that don’t fully encompass Christ’s love. These things satisfy us for a season, but they leave us wanting more and often yearning for new seasons. In Christ, we have entered the perpetual season of God’s favour through grace.

Joined in Love

It was God’s intention that we would live a life being fully encouraged, with our hearts joined in love. – There should never be a moment that we are not encouraged by the truth of who we are as New Creations in Christ. God is a fountain of goodness and love alive in hearts. Out of our hearts, we have a river of the Holy Spirit. We have the very life of God alive in us.


It was God’s intention that we would be gloriously dependent upon the love of our Father – God made us to be in union with him, we are only complete when we are in union with Christ. When we experience his love, when we know his commitment to us, our sonship in him. When we live in the overflowing goodness of his empowering and enabling grace.


It was God’s intention that we speak, see, be a living fountain of life-giving love. – It was always God’s intention to fill the earth with the love and glory of Heaven.

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