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June 2019

How Do I Recognise God’s Voice?

The question that is often asked is “How do I recognise that voice of God? What does it sound like?”

Now that is as not as strange as you first may think. Often emotions , feelings, thoughts and inclinations are constantly bombarding our minds and the noise of life drowns out the voice of God. It is hard to distinguish what is God and what is not.

Added to this many other voices come with conflicting information. Ideas, philosophies, theologies and perspectives that have been cultivated in personal experience and historical beliefs. You might think this is not possible, but even Jesus was faced with the same situation. When asked by the religious leaders of the time what were the requirements to live forever. He said them, “You know the Law, how do you read it?” For Jesus knew that it is in our heart of our core beliefs that we hear and inteprate the voice of God.

For our innermost heart is our core belief system. It is our sub-consious deep rooted brielfs that we build our lives and thoughts on. It is where our spirit, soul and body meet. Our heart is the garden of our all we value and treasure. And it is in the heart we cultivate our beliefs to filter and inteprate the Holy Spirit.

So what does the voice of the Holy Spirit sound like, it sounds exactly the same as the fruit it produces. For the root of the tree produces the fruit of branches. Therefore we can know and recognise the voice of God because he speaks to us in and through the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. There is no law against these things.” – Galatians 5: 22-23.

These fruits are alive in are alive in our new creation spirit and it is with these fruits that God speaks into our core belief system (our hearts).

And this means that we can recognise the voice of God because when God speaks to us:-

1. He is faithful to His word.

2. His voice produces peace and not confusion.

3. His voice and leading will bring freedom not bondage.

4. God is patient, not impulsive or hasty.

5. His voice will always leave us with hope, not discouragement or oppression.

6. His voice instils confidence, not fear or intimidation.

7. His voice makes us know our identity in Him, rather than pride.

8. His voice is full of love, not our selfishness.


Reborn into Innocence

In Christ you were reborn into a time of innocence.

You were reborn into the goodness of God into a New Creation devoid of evil. For where there is the light of God darkness has to be extinguished. Light and darkness do not share the same space.

It is the revelation that you now in Christ, you are Holy and righteous in your Spirit and the former darkness that invaded your thinking, your desires and your actions has been eradicated by your new birth into the fulness of God.

Our past, our sin tainted nature died with Christ.

And just as the natural, nature with the abundance of yellow daffodils, Spring gives us a real picture as we see them take root and flourish in the rich phase of a new season, we now in the spirit receive the purity and innocence of new life.

For within us even before we believed and were made new there was calling that believed in a place of joy, an existence of bliss. That we we created to be part of an eternal dance of love.

Today you have in Christ been reconciled back into the arms of your Father and the love your heart cried out has been placed into your new innocent heart.

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