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December 2017

Advent Promise – The Promise of Love, Kindness, Peace, Completeness and Compassion.

“For though the mountains should depart and the hills be shaken or removed, yet My love and kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace and completeness be removed, says the Lord, Who has compassion on you.” – Isaiah 54:10

This remarkable verse is the promise of the reign of the coming King. The establishment of a Kingdom Covenant that would surpass creation and time.

The apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans declared exactly the same message when he wrote, “I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present or the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

It is an unconditional covenant, a covenant founded and kept by the finished work of Christ. A covenant birthed by the desire and passion of God. A covenant created before the foundations of the world and ignited by the Cross.

For in Jesus Christ is the fullness of God and all God’s love, kindness, peace, completeness and compassion is in Christ.

The promise of the King is now the Kingdom alive inside you. For all God is and all Christ is, is contained in the Kingdom Covenant alive in you.

The unconditional declaration of Christ over you is that He is the eternal promise of God, given to release you into the fullness of God. God’s gift, freely given and all you do is receive him and live in its fullness.

Advent Promise – The Promise of A Redeemer

“For your Maker is your Husband—the Lord of hosts is His name—and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; the God of the whole earth He is called.” – Isaiah 54:5

The promise of God here is magnified in His commitment to deliver his people from their captivity, the promise of a kinsman to free us from the shadow of death and transfer us into the fullness of the Kingdom.

The slavery of the consequences of sin are so deeply embedded in our world that we cannot escape its invading influence in our thinking and emotions. It slowly seeps away our trust and delight in pleasing our Father, but Christ is our redeemer.

Jesus Christ purchased for us an eternal redemption. His blood poured out for us cleanses our conscience from all condemnation, all guilt, all shame and all feelings of separation.

Redemption means deliverance form all captivity and entry into the unfading glory of God.

Jesus Christ entered the world to bring you into the glory presence of God, to release you from the prison of guilt and fee you from the dudgeon of condemnation.

The baby born in a manger, to a teenage girl was the promised redeemer, the sacrifice given for you to deliver you from all your captivity.

Advent Thought – The Promise of a Coming King.

Advent Thought – The Promise of the Coming Witness

“Behold, I have appointed him (Him) [David, as a representative of the Messiah, or the Messiah Himself] to be a witness [one (One) who shall testify of salvation] to the nations, a prince (Prince) and commander (Commander) to the peoples.” – Isaiah 55:4

The promise of God declared by the prophet Isaiah is the assurance that God will visit his people with a witness to declare to all the heart of God. Therefore, if you wanted to know what God is like all you need to do is look at Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ life was a living testament to the glory of God.

The intention and commitment of God to his children was the coming of a saviour, a prince and commander who would guide, care and with kindness and love restore his children back into their father’s arms.

His children were always the desire of His heart, and Jesus Christ was the God’s witness to the plans and purposes of God. In all Jesus did he did with the power and commitment of His Father.

The fulfillment of God’s intention took place at the cross, it was at Calvary where mankind was reconciled back to God, the Cross was the starting point of history and the centre point of all God’s plans.

The promise of the coming witness is the eternal oath to reconcile man back to God, to make a way in the wilderness and to path a way into the Promised Land.

Embrace Unconditional Love

Take every opportunity to embrace the unconditional love and unmerited favour given to you in Christ Jesus. Today rest in the fact that you are loved, that you are blessed with every spiritual blessing and that God approves of you because Christ is alive in you and you are united with him. Let the love of God be your light in the dark pathway of life .


Advent Thought – The Promise of the Free Gift

“Wait and listen, everyone who is thirsty! Come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Yes, come, buy [priceless, spiritual] wine and milk without money and without price [simply for the self-surrender that accepts the blessing].” – Isaiah 55:1

This is one of the most amazing passages of in the Bible, the declaration of God that his abundant life is a free gift. Here is the heart of the New Covenant that the charge God makes for his divine riches is without price. And it is without price because Christ has purchased it all with his life.

This is extravagant grace, outrageous favour where the only thing God demands is our acceptance. That we lay down our self effort, our performance mentality, and our self righteousness and receive the divine inheritance.

Isaiah shouts out to us from centuries past to listen. It is in the listening that we connect with the heart and purposes of God. Jesus said it in another way to his disciples, “For him that has ears to hear, let him hear!” To receive of Christ it is essential to open our hearts and listen to the truth of his grace, for in the listening comes the understanding to receive.

We don’t need money to receive all the blessings of God, we need an open and listening heart that delights in the love of our Father.

Come, buy and eat, it is all available to you, you don’t need money, just accept and receive it.

The promise of Christ is the promise of God’s free gift, the invitation of abundant grace to all.

Advent Thought – The Promise never to Abandon You

“But Zion (Jerusalem in captivity) said, “The Lord has abandoned me, And my Lord has forgotten me.” The Lord answered “Can a woman forget her nursing child And have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you”. Isaiah 49: 14-15

There is a lie from Satan that has infected our view of God. This lie has rooted and established itself in our alienation from him. It is the lie that God does not want us. And this lie causes us to doubt God’s commitment to us, it causes us to withdraw from him and it causes us to feel abandoned in our hearts.

Here God declares the truth of his closeness to his people, his sustaining compassion in the turmoil of despair. His promise is that he will never abandon them, that he will never forget his promises to them and that he will never leave them or forsake them.

God’s commitment is that he is close, present, right with them, accepting them, guiding them and upholding them with his love.

Jesus Christ is the embodiment of that promise, here is God, alive in flesh reconciling man back to God, destroying the alienation of our minds. He is the living breath of God, the goodness of God, the mercy and compassion of God shining into the darkness of the world.

The promise of Christ is that God’s compassion is his radiant embrace that declares he has never abandoned us, that regardless of our feelings and thoughts, he is totally committed to us.

For we are his treasure, the delight and desire of his heart.

Advent Thought – The Promise of the Favourable time.

“This is what the Lord says, “In a favourable time I have answered You, And in a day of salvation I have helped You; And I will keep watch over You and give You for a covenant of the people, To restore the land [from its present state of ruin] and to apportion and give as inheritances the deserted hereditary lands, “ – Isaiah 49:8

The good news of the birth of the saviour is that we have been placed into the perpetual season of the favour of God. That the plan of God was to bestow upon us the restoration and wholeness that we lost and our ruin has been superseded by heavens prosperity.

And this promise of the favourable season contains that life giving fruit of creation. To bring and give us knowledge of salvation, to give us forgiveness and remission of sin, to place inside of us God’s heart of tender mercy and loving-kindness, and to draw our life and light from the power that indwells us.

No longer do we have to be influenced by the fluctuation of seasons, the pressure of circumstance, for In Christ we are constantly in God’s favour.

And this favour means that we are held in an everlasting embrace, kept by Christ’s indestructible life, filled with his unconditional love, and showered with unloseable grace.

For the promise of Christ is to heal the broken hearted, to set the captive free, to declare the favourable time of the Lord and to know the acceptance, value and love of a good God.

Christ Has Delivered Us.

“For we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and your love for all of God’s people, which come from your confident hope of what God has reserved for you in heaven. You have had this expectation ever since you first heard the truth of the Good News.” – Colossians 1:4-5

The truth of the Good News is that Christ has delivered us from the captivity and oppression of a life without love.

The truth of God revealed in Jesus was that he came as the full expression of God. That God entered our world to experience the full range of our emotions, and to show us what it was to live with the tenderness of an open heart .

The truth revealed in Jesus was the bridge that closed the gap between the imperfection of our humanness and the perfection of God.

For God never rejected us, God never gave up on us, God was never separated from us and God never stopped pouring his love out on us.

It was mankind that believed the lie of shame and doubted the goodness of God. It was mankind that separated from God and chose their own idols.

Jesus came and revealed God’s truth. Jesus died as a sacrifice in the truth. Jesus rose from the dead as a demonstration of God’s truth.

The truth proclaimed by Jesus is that all who come to him will never thirst again and out of their hearts will flow rivers of living water.


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