Living Grace

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May 2020


Christ Jesus has set you free. You have been set free by the goodness of God. Now everything in Christ works for your good. Everything in your life has become new and all good things declare that you are a new creation in Christ Jesus. God has lifted you up into a new day of the Lord’s favour. He has lifted you up to be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. He is enthusiastic about you for he sees in you the life of Christ. His heart is to continually encourage you into the freedom he has given you to live and delight in all the good things of God. Christ is working in you to lead and transform you into living a life of wholeness, rooted and flourishing in the freedom of your mind, thoughts and emotions. In Christ you are totally and utterly free.


Every thought God has about you is a good one. When he thinks about you, he thinks about Christ alive in you. In Christ you are permanently accepted. God has placed you in Christ. He has placed you into the one place where you would permanently hear his voice. He has placed you into the one place where you are guaranteed to receive whatever you need right now. He has put you into Christ. It was the perfect gift for God’s most precious treasure.

You are now permanently blessed in Christ. Permanently united into Christ. Permanently plugged into the power of God. Permanently filled with rivers of overflowing living water. Permanently planted into the grace and favour of God.

Endless Possibilities

God looks at you and sees you full of endless possibilities. He sees Heaven’s life and resources planted into you. He never gives up on you, even if you give up on yourself. He has given you every spiritual blessing in Christ. God is in you and God is with you. He has come to grow within you. Every thing pertaining to abundant life in Christ has been planted into you. His love has come and overwhelmed your heart. His life is the depth of his love and commitment in you. God is faithful and what he has promised will flourish and grow in your life.

Heaven is Alive in You.

What is real in heaven is yours to pronounce on earth. Heaven is now alive in you. The Holy Spirit has come and made his home in your heart. Jesus has been released inside you. All his glory is flowing in and from your heart. His astonishing grace has been sown in you. The key to opening up heaven in you is seeing yourself in Christ. Heaven opens up in you when you release the majesty of Christ to be an explosion of love and grace in you. God has declared his favour to you. You have a brilliant future because the brilliant Holy Spirit lives in you. Whatever is true of Christ is now true of you.

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