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March 2018

Talk with Jesus

Christ desires to talk with you in every circumstance and moment of your day.

You can strike up a conversation whenever you want, in the supermarket, in the car, on a park bench, waiting for a train, in the queue for a sandwich, busy, hectic, noisy, quiet or still it does not matter, it makes no difference, Jesus is interested and is waiting to talk with you.

He even wants to talk with you when you are on your phone checking out Facebook.

Jesus is intrested in every aspect of your life, encouraging you to draw close and touch his heart.

He wants you to be captivated with his life in you.

All you have to do is open your heart and listen to his whisper.

Christ is alive in your heart, he is infiltrating your mind and Christ is forever connected to your life. He has made you his dwelling place.

Jesus is interested in you. You are the delight of his heart.

Allow God

Allow God do whatever he wants.

God delights in revealing his glory through you.

God’s desire is for his fruit to grow in your heart and blossom in your life.

Open the good soil of your heart, open your mouth and taste and eat the wonderous ripe fruit of his grace.

Nurture and nourish, goodness, faithfulness, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, self control and hope. Allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate the orchard of your heart.

Let the revelation of his goodness, let his value of you and his acceptance of you overflow from you.

Allow God to allow you to blossom.

Source of Blessings

In Christ you have become a source of blessing.

In Christ you possess the fullness of God in your heart. Your nature has been re-created and you are now identical to Christ in every detail.

Christ’s faith is now your faith; Christ’s holiness is now your holiness and his power is now your power.

The truth is that as Christ is so now are you.

In Christ you are an oasis of love in the desert. You are an overflowing fountain of divine life. You are the provision of wholeness for the hungry and you are now the source of blessing to everyone you meet.

Let God’s blessing overflow out of your life, everywhere you go and to every heart you touch.

Rivers of Eternal Life.

The riches of heaven now reside in your heart.

The treasure of life has been planted into your heart.

The heavens have been opened and the power of God has come and filled your innermost being.

Out of you flows effortlessly the rivers of eternal life.

Let Christ flow out of you as you spend time with those around you. Listen to their dreams and doubts, be interested in their challenges and let God touch their hearts through you.

In Christ you are an ever flowing stream of healing; your words are healing and resurrection to broken souls.


Loved By God.

Let yourself be loved by God.

It is one thing to know that God loves you but it is an entirely different thing to let God love you.

Let His is love for you set your heart on fire.

God adores you; God rejoices over you, you are the desire of his heart. He chose to live inside you, to be bonded with you and be united in you.

God loves the unique person you are.

Listen to his words of love, read his letters of love and let your heart be captivated by his heart of love for you.

Let go and let yourself be loved by God.


Lifted Up

“I have lifted you up.”

You have been lifted up above your circumstances and situations that would press in on you and hold you down.

Christ in you has lifted you up and seated you into all God has for you. You have been placed at the place of honour in the palace of the eternal King.

You permanently have the favour of heaven with you. The anointing and power of the Holy Spirit is flowing in you. It is a well of provision and an oasis of peace. It is in you, with you , alive in you, 24-7. You are never disconnected from God, He is constantly working in you and whispering to you. You live in the permanent day of the Lord’s favour.

Today, whatever comes your way, know that He has lifted you up. See things and look at things from your heavenly perspective. Sickness, depression, oppression, lack, death and defeat are under your feet. They are far below you. You have been lifted up into the victory of Christ.

Today you are lifted up into the fulness of the resurrection victory of Christ.


You have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

The blessing of God now shines in your life like the rainbow proclaims the blessing of God in the sky. Everywhere you go and all you do the blessing of God is working in you and for you.

Anticipate, expect and think the favour of God in every circumstance and situation that comes your way. Start to renew your mind to come in line with your union with Christ, for as He is so now are you.

You have been empowered to give the blessing of God away to all you meet. To set the captive free, to release those under a weight of oppression and to declare the day of the Lord’s favour.

All God’s promises are yours in Christ. Take them, believe them and let your heart agree with all Christ has made available and has given to you.

You are a joint-heir of God and you carry the favour of heaven.

God Knows You.

God knows you.

God knows your heart, he is aware of your fears, he understands your worries and your cares.

Christ is your shepherd; He guides you into pastures of overflowing grace.

Christ is your resurrection life, alive with the power of heaven inside you.

Christ is your door with eternal access into heaven’s chamber of grace.

Christ is your fountain of joy bubbling up inside you in a waterfall of favour.

Christ is your river of delight, a cascading torrent of goodness and peace flowing in your spirit, soul and body.

Christ is your everlasting union, gaze into the face of Jesus, look into his eyes of love and know you are eternally safe in his embrace.

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