“I have lifted you up.”

You have been lifted up above your circumstances and situations that would press in on you and hold you down.

Christ in you has lifted you up and seated you into all God has for you. You have been placed at the place of honour in the palace of the eternal King.

You permanently have the favour of heaven with you. The anointing and power of the Holy Spirit is flowing in you. It is a well of provision and an oasis of peace. It is in you, with you , alive in you, 24-7. You are never disconnected from God, He is constantly working in you and whispering to you. You live in the permanent day of the Lord’s favour.

Today, whatever comes your way, know that He has lifted you up. See things and look at things from your heavenly perspective. Sickness, depression, oppression, lack, death and defeat are under your feet. They are far below you. You have been lifted up into the victory of Christ.

Today you are lifted up into the fulness of the resurrection victory of Christ.