I believe in the power of agreement. I believe it does help if you can engage with others who believe in the finished work of Christ and are willing to stand and believe with you.

In Christ we are given the authority of heaven to set the captives free from every chain of bondage. This includes sickness, depression, oppression; bad medical reports, financial distress, family upheaval and everything that would invade our minds bring worry, anxiety and distress.

Christ Jesus is the answer to every situation and circumstance of life.

During my last year a Charis Bible College, I prayed for many people on the Helpline and on the Healing Ministry Team. I saw God use me to heal and set captives free. A lady with dementia was set free and healed, a lady with a frozen shoulder, a broken wrist, a man with fading eyesight reached new sight and many people with depression experienced their release from the captivity of the mind.

God’s plan from the beginning of time was for each one of us to show out of our lives the glory of God. God has provided the healing for everyone, each of us has the authority in Christ to heal ourselves and everyone who wants and needs healing.

I am quite happy to pray in agreement with you, wherever you are at, just be yourself.

God heals, he sets free, and he has provided all we need.

Therefore please feel free to contact me by email  –  alan1704@yahoo.co.uk

Or by the contact form


I now have a dedicated mobile prayer number which is available and I will get back as soon as I can – 07510 360802 and I will pray with you.

Or ring and contact the Andrew Wommack Prayer line on (0)1922 473300 where a team of trained staff will pray with you. I was privileged to work and pray with this team for a year and these are man and women who believe God, will stand with you and are committed to set you live in all the fullness God has provided for you.

If you don’t want to do any of these, I would encourage you to pick up the Bible and read for yourself the Gospel of John and highlight all the promises of who Christ says he is, because as He is so now are you.

You are complete in Christ.