“They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of your house, and You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures. “– Psalm 36:8

Satisfaction has a bad rap, “Satisfaction leads to passivity, and satisfaction stops us from pursuing God. We need to be hungry, we need to be passionate, and we need to press in to God.” Is often the song sung from the enthusiasm of the good intentioned.

Yet satisfaction is one of the most precious truths of the gospel.  Satisfaction is an amazing, wonderful contentment in Christ, in a fraught, ever encroaching maelstrom world of constant distraction. As sons of our heavenly father it is vitally important that we enter into and experience the satisfaction of God.

For God is satisfied with the sacrifice of the son for your sins. God is not mad at you, at odds with you, against you or judging you. He is satisfied with the work Jesus did to take away your sins, and he was the one who sent Jesus in the first place, because he loved you and was on your side and wanted to wash away all your sin and the ruin they caused in your life.

God’s satisfaction is so ultimately complete that for you there is no condemnation or guilt in Christ. God loves you and accepts you and the work of Christ is effective on your behalf.  God is totally satisfied with Jesus work, and there is peace between you and God.

Satisfaction in Christ’s finished work is essential. What we believe about God’s satisfaction of Christ will be the measure of how we see and live our new life in Christ.  Bizarrely, hunger need not be an alternative option to satisfaction, a healthy inward desire to know and experience in deeper levels all that we already have in Christ, produces an intimate love for our father and all he has accomplished on our behalf.

Let satisfaction empower you, to depths of love and oceans of assurance. As you experience God’s satisfaction of Christ and his satisfaction of you, fears, insecurities start to fade in the glory of the vastness of the all encompassing greatness of the cross.

Let satisfaction lead you into fields of overflowing provision, lands of lavish abundance, where you can view the vast expanse of the unconditional love of God and live in the abundant glory of his grace through the satisfaction of Christ’s infinite sacrifice.