Today I had the impression of these words laid on my heart: –
Today is a day to align yourself to God.
To bring your thoughts, your mind, your feelings in line with what you already possess in your heart.
The encouragement of the Father is to align your heart with his heart and embrace the abundant life that is yours.
Don’t be drawn into viewing and seeing everything from the natural, don’t be influenced by worldly wisdom, but transform your thoughts by letting the power of the Holy Spirit wash over you with His goodness, mercy and compassion.
Remember Paul on the road to Damascus, God took the most vehement hater and persecutor of his Son, the man intent on destroying all Christ has accomplished and changed him into the most powerful writer and ambassador of Christ. This was accomplished through the grace of God. God’s goodness and his provision changes our worldly reasoning into divine power and life.
So if you want, you can agree with me:-
“Thank you lord for all Christ accomplished for me at the Cross. Thank you Lord, that you have provided health, healing in my body and mind, thank you Lord that you have embraced me with all the blessings of heaven and that my Spirit, soul and body are wrapped in the power of Heaven. I align my thoughts and feelings to your word, I align my life to the power that works within me and I thank you that today you are going to do exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or think, because your power is within me.”
Jesus Christ accomplished a complete salvation at the Cross, Forgiveness, health, wholeness and freedom are all ours, today align yourself to the life of Christ working inside your heart.