“And the glory and majesty and splendour of the Lord will be revealed, and all humanity shall see it together; For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.” – Isaiah 40:5

The magnitude of the Glory of God is something we desperately need to understand and experience.

We need it because it was the desire of God for every one of us to be filled with the majesty and splendour of God. We were created by the Glory of God, in the Glory of God, for the Glory of God to be a shinning reflection of all the wonder, brilliance and colour of who God is.

The promise of the New Covenant is that God will restore each one of his creation to be who they were created to be, sons of the living God. And the promise of God that everything we lost in the Garden of Eden will be restored by Jesus Christ.

The Old Covenant was a fleeting shadow of the glory of God. Moses was not permitted to look upon the face of God, he had to hide his face as God’s glory passed next to him. But here in Isaiah is the promise of the New Covenant we have in Christ, that to us the glory and majesty and splendour of the Lord will be revealed.

And it was revealed to us in Christ, it was revealed in us by the Holy Spirit and it will be revealed through us as we delight ourselves in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

It was never God’s desire for you to live a single moment without enjoying the presence and glory of God. Christ’s promise to you is his abundant life overflowing in your life and for you to experience the glory, majesty and splendour of God radiating through your life.