“I am the Lord, I have called You (the Messiah) in righteousness [for a righteous purpose], I will also take You by the hand and keep watch over You, And I will appoint You as a covenant to the people [Israel],  As a light to the nations (Gentiles), To open the eyes of the blind, To bring out prisoners from the dungeon. And those who sit in darkness from the prison. – Isaiah 42 : 6-7

The gospel frees us from the captivity of blindness and the prison of separation. For Christ has come and entered into our dungeon and opened the door to the vast, bountiful treasure of heaven.

Our hearts have been opened to the majesty and abundance of the full dimension of God’s wonderful love.

The door that God opens to us in Christ Jesus is never shut. Everything that God is, his love, abundance, health, freedom has been opened to us by his grace. We are no longer looking from the outside looking inward, we have entered the inner sanctuary of heaven and all the riches of heaven are ours in Christ.

Christ is the open door and he has flooded our darkness with his light, he has freed us from the dudgeon of oppression and sickness and he has opened our eyes to his glorious radiance.

Christ is the promise to open the door and never to close it, therefore today don’t let anything or anyone hold you captive to fear, sickness, distress and despair. For in Christ all the abundance and provision has been given to you.

Walk through the open door of grace and enjoy God’s riches at Christ’s expense.