Dear All

Over the past few weeks I have had certain impressions that have reoccurred to me regarding 2017. These impressions have kept coming back to me through various sources so I thought I would post them as a way of encouragement

God has opened and not shut – In Christ we have a constant open door into the power and manifestation of the grace of God. But sometimes we can feel that doors we are coming up against are closed or are difficult to open. The impression I feel is that there is coming a new experience of opening doors, things that have caused obstruction will be removed and we will experience a reality of doors and things being open to us. Our confident expectation of 2017 is that Christ has opened doors for us and these will never be shut.

 No More Feelings of Abandonment – I get the impression that there are some Christians that are walking through life with a sense that God has abandoned them, that they are isolated and have been left alone. I believe that this is a lie from the enemy, for God has NEVER abandoned his children. I think that there is coming a release of the loving embrace of the Father’s love and commitment on his children and for those that feel a sense of abandonment they will start to experience the loving embrace of the Father. You were NEVER abandoned by God; feelings of abandonment are a lie and you will start to know the love and commitment of God.

You are where you settle – The last impression I get is that God is encouraging you to pick up your tent, enlarge your vision and settle for nothing less that the full manifestation of the power, glory and grace of God in your life. God is encouraging you not to settle for the normal, but to experience all he has provided for you by his grace. He is encouraging you to find your satisfaction in Christ. You have a choice to settle where you are, or to make the resurrection power of Christ an even deeper and greater reality in your life.

I hope these impressions encourage you, remember you are blessed with every spiritual blessing, you are seated in heavenly paces in Christ and the infinite power and glory of the Almighty God is living inside you.

This new year expect doors to be opened for you, cast off any sense of abandonment and don’t settle for anything less than the full power of Christ to be manifested in every area of your life.