“The wicked flee when no one is pursing, but the righteous are bold as a lion” – Proverbs 28:1

The promise of Christ is that we would be filled with the glory of God.

Our new creation spirit is totally new, it is full of Christ, full of His righteousness, love, joy, power and as we awaken to this new life inside us, our thoughts and feelings release the life of Christ inside.

This amazing transformation means we are NEW. God did not make us better; he created us NEW in Christ. We were re-birthed into the fullness of Christ.

We receive the boldness of Christ and the promise that we would do greater works than he did is now our reality.

Now we may not feel it, we might be only experiencing a little of this promise but every promise of God is ours in Christ.  Our life is now hidden with Christ in God.

In Christ there are no hopeless situations, every circumstance is an opportunity to let the grace and power of God flourish in our lives. He places a table of his delights in the presence of our enemies, for Christ invites us to feast on all he has provided.

For confidence and boldness have been implanted into our nature.

Awaken your thoughts and mind to your new creation spirit and let the life of Christ fill your soul.