“For why should I wander like a prostitute among your friends and your flock.” Song of songs 1:7

What God is after is us.

We are the delight of his heart. He wants to enjoy and celebrate with us the wonder of his love. To share with him in the beauty of his creation.

But it is this very idea that God wants to enjoy us that seems so difficult to grasp. Our minds are so rooted in the theology of the world that it we live a sort of Christian Karma, a spiritual blessing game of monopoly that as long as we land on the right squares it is all okay but as soon as we make the wrong move we are made to pay for it or at worse we might even be sent to jail.

Let’s take a look at the book of Jonah where we are introduced to a wonderful bunch of free spirited sailors. These seafaring traders were going about there daily lives when a Hebrew traveller asked them for a place on their ship to Spain. Not wanting to turn down a quick profit they are only too happy to take this extra load, after all this is easy money.

Somewhere on their journey, they start to experience the greatest storm that they had ever known. And it soon becomes a matter of survival, a desperate struggle to keep their ship afloat and save their lives.

The questions that enters their minds is where did this storm come from and where is God?

They cry out to their God’s to save them, but to no avail their God’s are silent, their God’s are not rescuing them!

Deep within their ship lies the Hebrew fast asleep while they desperately trying to stay alive. Perhaps it is all to do with him? Before he came everything was all right! The only course of action is wake him up and get him to talk to his God.

Awakening Jonah awakened their hearts to the grace of God. Awakening Jonah awakened their hearts to the mercy of God. For the grace of God was always there, available and reaching out to them deep within the heart of the ship.

It is his grace extended to us even when we don’t realise it and when we don’t perceive it. Often we are more like the Sailors as we reach out to God as a last resort, we try everything in our own effort and finally we awaken ourselves to the reality of the sleeping Christ we have alive within the depths of our heart.

In Christ you no longer have to wander for He has found you.

You no longer are left searching in the darkness.

When the storms of life arise remember that in Christ you are one with him and his life is united to your life, his heart has become your heart.

So awaken your heart, your senses and experience the freedom of Christ alive deep within your heart.