“How lovely are your cheeks, your earrings set them on fire, how lovely is your neck, enhanced by a string of jewels. ” Song of songs 1:10

This morning I took a stroll through the local Church cemetery on the way to catching a bus for work. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the Church clock slowly moved as every second passed and restlessly time moved on as I passed by ancient grave after ancient grave. Some of the residents of the cemetery had laid there for hundreds of years. Since they took their plot Kings and Queens had come and gone, America had been discovered, World Wars had been fought, Man had been to the Moon and back and ‘I’ phones had been invented. But each of these residents were totally and utterly unaware of any of this because they died years before it happened.

Paul in his letter to the Galatians tried to convey the truth of new believers new life in Christ by declaring that we were crucified with Christ and have been raised to new life in Christ.

But why did he do this? Why did he emphasise the fact that In Christ we are now a new creation?

We are born into a world that focuses our attention, our thoughts, a world that captivates us with what we wear, what we drink and with what we eat. A world which turns our hearts to worship the things we want, the things we can possess and the things that give us value.

In this deluge of self satisfaction our hearts can be swayed to seek after all manner of other God’s and we can feel the weight of condemnation and guilt building up inside as it seems that we have strayed from the wonder and beauty of the new life birthed in us.

But this is just a wrong perspective of our new life. Instead of looking at the influence of the world on our hearts we need to live from the truth of our new life.

So how do we do this?

By realising the we have died to our old nature. That although things and influences are happening all around us we are in fact a totally different species, we are part of heaven, we have the glory of God within us

The more we let the truth of our new creation infiltrate, permeate and consume our thoughts and emotions the more the influences of the world diminish.

It is here in the realm of the heart that as we let go of false desires and false God’s that we release ourselves from all condemnation. In fact we are already released all we do is bring our soul back in line with our New Creation Spirit.

Dead people have no problems with the influences that would try to capture their hearts and drag them back into a life of fear, worry and doubt.

Resurrected people live from their new nature free from the old man, it’s influences and it’s desires. Their desires are now centered from the Glory that resides and transforms them effortlessly.

Today know that you are dead to sin, dead to your old man and you are alive and victorious in the power of the Resurrection within you.