“The fig trees are forming young fruit, and the fragrant grapevines are blossoming.” Song Of songs 2:13

If we want isolation, despair and the right to be on our own god, God graciously grants us our wish.

God’s freedom is so free it allows us to live in the freedom we choose. His love is so relentless and so all encompassing that if we want nothing to do with hope, grace, peace and light he gives us the freedom to live in our own reality.

Regardless of our decisions and actions God’s goodness and grace reaches out to us and invites us to come and eat and know that He is good.

The ripe fruit of grace invites us to taste and know for ourselves that God is a faithful provider.

For grace is God’s exceeding, abundant life above all we could ask or think alive and working within us.

His season inside our hearts is the new ripe day of his abundance.

Yes God gives us the freedom that love demands. We can have whatever destiny we desire. We can have whatever future we want.

But Christ invites us to come and eat the ripe fruit of grace and let the love of God blossom in our hearts. For In Christ all things work together for your good, as he works and lives inside you.