“Let me see your face; let my hear your voice. For your voice is pleasant, and your face is lovely. ” Song of songs 2:14

The desire God has placed within us is wild in its longing to pursue the one who is unknown.

It is a desire that only finds it’s fulfillment with communion with him.

It is a desire that rages inside that causes us to search towards the mystery.

He speaks and we hear his voice.

He reaches out to us and invites us into his embrace.

This embrace is found in his unconditional reconciliation through the death and resurrection of his son. A reconciliation universal, eternal and complete. Offered in sacrifice and given in love. But this reconciliation has to be received and has to be accepted.

For God who has done all things to bring you into a new abundant life wants you. He has provided everything and has demolished everything that stood in the way of giving you his all. All you have to do is receive the favour of God and live in its beauty.

Today God is whispering to you, to come and receive. Are you listening?