“He browses amongst the Lillies.” Song Of songs 2:16

When God created you he placed inside of you a spiritual garden. A spiritual place that reflected a physical garden. He placed inside you his garden of pleasure. A place where he could enjoy and commune with you. A garden of intimate delight.

It is here deep inside you that he takes his most pleasure. For your heart is the place God chooses to dwell.

You have never been an after thought to God. You were not some annoying problem that he had to solve. You were never a thorn in your father’s side.

For God is and has always been your provider, your protector, your deliverer, your lover.

He declares that he will heal our waywardness and love us freely.

He comes to crush our disappointment, to heal our brokenness and to restore us to wholeness. To unite our spirit to his spirit and declare that we are New Creations in Christ.

Every seed of goodness and righteousness planted into your heart will produce a tree of his goodness and righteousness in your life.