“And this is the secret. Christ lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing his glory.” – Colossians 1:27

There has been a radical shift in you.

You are a New Creation in Christ.

You have been transformed from a life of separation to one of unity.

God by the Holy Spirit has come to dwell within your heart . You have been reborn into new life and the fullness of Christ has been planted into you.

Every trace of your sin nature has been destroyed. You are New Creation, you are now Holy and righteous in Christ and Christ lives in you.

The divine inheritance of the cross of all God planned and purposed you to be has been given to you in Christ.

And part of God’s plan and purpose was to create heaven on earth through you. God’s glory would radiate in you and creation would be made complete through you.

The secret of history, of all of creation is that Christ has come to live in you. That heaven has taken up residence in you. That through you everything lost can now be reclaimed.

For each of us reborn as New Creation’s in Christ we need to wake up from the slumber of our old disconnected nature and connect with the glory and grace of God alive in our hearts.

We need to awaken our hearts to the reality of Christ living inside us, in his fullness and live our lives as sons and daughter’s of the living God.