You are forgiven
Christ at calvary reconciled you back to God
All your sin.
Past, present and future sins
Was forgiven at the cross
God sought you out, God came for you and he found you.
Christ is the plan and purpose of God alive in you.
You were not forgotten
You were never a orphan
You were God’s chosen delight
You are his precious child
He did not forsake you
He sent his son to reconcile you back to him
You were always the plan and purpose of God
You are his adored one
In you now dwells the fullness of Christ.
Therefore in you dwells the fullness of heaven.
You are a living, breathing declaration of the glory and commitment of God
You are his chosen one
And he has given every good and perfect gift.
When the enemy sends trials and tribulations to destroy you and take away your joy.
Let the enemy know that you are God’s delight and that God is overjoyed with you.
That God rejoices over you will singing and dancing
Nothing can separate you from God’s love
Nothing can separate you from God’s commitment to you.
For you are totally forgiven
And utterly loved by God.