For someone today

You are not back to square one

No matter what you have done you are not back at the beginning. You have not gone backwards.

Don’t listen to the lies that would try to hold you back. Don’t listen to the past that would try to fit you into a box.

You are alive in Christ and you are being transformed from one degree of glory to another degree of glory as you live in the finished work of Christ.

You will never go back to square one in Christ but you go on into the ever increasing glory alive on you.

You are more than a conquer in Christ , you are an overcomer in Christ, you are alive to Christ in you. You are holy and righteous in Christ and you are the delight of God’s heart.

God’s word for you is that in Christ you never go back to square one but you always go deeper and deeper into all he has given you and all he has purposed for you.