For someone today

“You are my treasured jewel formed in my heart.”

God says, “You are my treasure. My jewel of a great price. You are loved beyond measure. You are my own. ”

“I cannot let you go, I will never give you up. I am jealously guarding you and protecting you. I am holding you and I am your lover and you are my delight. I have married myself to you and I have given myself to you in a covenant of my love, blessing and grace. You are mine forever.”

“Know today right down in the depths of your heart and mind that I am totally committed to you and I am there for you every second of the day. For you are my treasure. No weapon that comes against you has the power to overwhelm you. Don’t allow lies and condemnation to take root in your mind and emotions. For I have delivered you and set you free. Align your thoughts and feelings with the truth of my love and grace.”

“Today know that you are God’s treasured jewel formed in his heart. He loves you with an everlasting love and you are the most precious love of his desire. He will never let you go.”