“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. “– Revelation 3:20

Most people feel there is a wall, a barrier of separation between them and God and this wall is something they have no control over. But this wall is in reality a barrier created in our minds, by the shame and guilt of our wrong actions.

There is a fantasy that God has a shadow of disappointment over his face that causes us to worry that he is willing to withdraw from us or that he would distance himself from us, because we feel the shame of our wrong choices our minds logically compute that God must also feel the shame.

All right that sounds reasonable, a holy God would withdraw from his creation when it indulges in unholy acts.

Only there is one thing that punches a massive hole in this wall of withdrawal. Christ took away the wall forever! From God’s side there never was any distance or barrier between him and us. He was always there ready to welcome us, to accept us, to interact with us. It was our sin that created the barrier and that was in our minds, where we associate our actions with guilt and shame.

Jesus removed our sins, and therefore our consciousness of sin is gone and the wall has been taken down. The feelings we have of distance from him are all lies and illusion. Jesus took away our sin and brought us into perfect relationship with God where nothing can ever come between us.

No sin can make us go out of fellowship or lose connection with God because our relationship is based on Christ and his perfect work, not our own works. Christ has given us the gift of righteousness, his sacrifice dealt with all our wrong choices, every wrong choice, past, present and future was put into Christ on the cross and eternally forgiven.

Your relationship with God is perfect and unalterable. God himself is satisfied with this perfect union fellowship he placed inside of you. There is never a wall separating you from God, there are no barriers in your relationship with the father. You have been given the very relationship that Jesus has with his father, for you have been put In Christ and you have been given his own perfect, eternal, righteousness.