“This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.”  – 1 John 4:10

We are devoted to filling our lives with distractions and amusements to captivate our every waking hour.  The media circus that fills the air is a constant stream telling us our lives need something new. We need better things, brighter things, things that will make us complete, things that we cannot live without, things that will add value. Somewhere created inside of us is a longing for newness, new beginnings, fresh starts, second chances.

Many evangelists, preachers and song writers boldly proclaim that God is a God of second chances.  That no matter how many chances it takes, he is always ready to welcome you back. He is waiting there for you, arms wide open, ready to receive you when you have blown it for the umpteen time.

While this is wonderfully true it is not the whole story because God is much more glorious and wonderful than that picture.  He was so moved by love that to keep us in his embrace once and forever he did something unimaginatively big. He prized us so greatly that he entered into our world and committed himself to our grief.

God gave the world his son. He gave of his own family, of his own heart, the son of his cherished love. His one and only begotten son, he willingly gave up for each one of us. He gave up the best he had, without us having to be anything or do anything, he gave his one and only son.

God’s love is so immense, so overwhelming, so encompassing that even the worst person could be reached. For God doesn’t just love good people, he doesn’t just love those that are worthy, he doesn’t just love those that are seeking him, doesn’t just love those that are repentant or those that turn to him or those that are committed to him. He loves the world. He loves people who are running from him, who hate him, who rebel against him, who do not want anything to do with him.

He prizes and loves each of us; he loves a godless world who values things and amusements over the love of himself.

He is a God of the overwhelming  chance,  a God that with divine love will keep you, hold you, embrace you, love you, cherish you, commune  with you, whisper to you, enjoy you, desire you, all you need is to see him in his beauty and loveliness and accept his wonderful gift of grace.

He desires to lavish the glory of heaven into your every waking hour.

His life is an eternal life, an everlasting life, once received he welcomes you in and keeps you. You do not need second, third, endless chances, for the loving embrace of God is so infinite that once you are united into him; you are united into eternity, once and forever.