“Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” – Psalm 62:8

God loves us as we are. We can be bundles of doubt, confusion, insecurity, pain, turmoil, frustration, self-contentedness, envy, and irritability. And even when we act awful, think awful thoughts, feel awful feelings, do the worst things imaginable, God is there, God loves us, accepts us and takes us under his wing. He is our refuge, our everlasting shelter, the safe harbour in the storm.

He has committed himself to us by placing His Spirit in us to abide forever.  His Spirit gives us complete security that he is on our side forever.   The finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross declares that if God is for us, no one and no thing can stand against us.

We can place our trust in Him, because He is totally trustworthy.  He has covered us in His love, bathed us in goodness, wrapped us in grace and embraced us with His kindness.  Our hearts have been united with his heart and our desires are now infused with His holy desire.

And trust is simply our heart’s positive reaction to His grace, our hearts confidence in His love, our hearts anticipation of His goodness.

Christ Jesus has soaked our spirit in the fountain of his life; we have been immersed into the abundant life of His new life. So, you can let the streams of living, healing water pour out of the overflow of your heart, and let the knowledge that you are safe in Him, become your refuge and shelter in every circumstance of life.