“Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving” – Colossians 4:2

Grace at its deepest root means joy or rejoicing, and God accepts us into his arms and rejoices over us forever! Within us is a deep, deep well of living water formed from droplets of thanksgiving.

God has committed himself to you, He delights in you with gladness and is happy with you. He will never cut you off from him, leave you, reject you, abandon you or leave you alone to fend on your own. He is here inside you and He delights in you.

Jesus’ perfect work of grace has brought you into the relationship you always longed for, always wanted. In Christ, you have unconditional love, acceptance and intimate satisfaction.

Therefore, the pure satisfaction of our hearts united with Christ is an overflow of delight, vocalised with declarations of praise.  For thanksgiving is the voice of faith.

You were created for intimacy with God, to look in wonder at his wonderful provision, to touch the velvet skin of creation, to smell the perfumed fragrance around you, to hear the glorious sounds and to taste the delicious, healthy delights given to you. Everything God created was to fill your heart with delight and share with him his goodness,  that overflowed in a song of thanksgiving.

The essence of prayer is intimacy, the overflow of prayer is love and these are made beautiful with a heart of adoration.  Knowing all Christ has provided for us, experiencing his goodness in our life, is the way we cement ourselves into our abundant life.

Let thanksgiving be always in your heart and on your lips, for every word of thanksgiving confirms faith and realises the promises of God in you.