If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.” – John 15:7

There is a lie of Satan that has echoed from the very first lie, that God does not want us.

That God who designed us, created us, put his breath into us and poured his delight on us has somehow withdrawn himself from us.

But the truth is that God has always been close to us. In fact we can’t get away from the One who fills the whole universe and sustains our life and breath by his spirit.

Before anything existed, before anything was created God provided a solution for us, he provided the perfect sacrifice to bring us into his family, he planned and purposed our adoption.

God revealed himself to us in Christ. He entered time and become man, ’God with us.’

For our value to God is beyond measure, our worth is greater than the expanse of the cosmos. And through Christ we have been reconciled and adopted into the eternal family.

Christ is the answer to God’s prayer. Christ is the answer to our heart’s cry. Every prayer Christ prayed was answered, and we now remain in him because he remains in us. There is no separation between God and man, but we can separate ourselves from Him and his love for us by our belief’s and feelings that dwell in our hearts. We choose to receive all God has freely given us or reject his love and live apart from his grace.

His love and life, his glory and power now reside in the heart of every believer. His life in us gives us the power to grasp and possess all he won for us at the cross. We have received his holiness and his perfection, God has given himself to us.