“Come into your garden, my love; taste it’s finest fruits.” Song of songs 4:16

Deep within every human being there is a hidden Kingdom, a realm of abundant treasure, a garden of enriched, fertile soil. Where life can be generated, seeds can be cultivated, saplings can be nourished and beauty can be nurtured.

This hidden garden is called the heart. It is a place of mystery where hope is formed, seeds grow and mature and beliefs take hold and flourish. It is a garden birthed to feed you, to build you up and establish your body, soul and spirit into a overflowing expression of creation.

It is a unique place it cannot be defined with the mind for it goes beyond the intellect and logical thought. It is a garden of intimate desire, passionate longing and endless delight.

And just as your physical heart is the core of your body so it is with your heart for within it is the core of your spirit and soul and what you believe in your heart has the power to bring you life or plunge you into death.

Life is a love affair with your heart.

And this is the place where the Holy Spirit works, the place where he draws us to him, the place where he whispers to us to “come”, the place where he produces his fruit.

His invitation to us is to come into the garden with him and taste it’s finest fruits. To eat of the abundance of heaven and let the riches of the grace of God be cultivated in our hearts.

The whisper of the Holy Spirit is to come and be one with the passion and glory of heaven inside your innermost being, inside the depth of the core of your life.